HPD Corner

12 years ago

    Attention parents and children: I have spoken with the director of Parks and Recreation, and he tells me that the Skate Board Park in Community Park is ready and can be used weather permitting. There are those parents and kids that have worked hard to make the skateboard park a reality so that kids have a safe place to use their skateboards. Let make the best use of it.
    Parents; The Houlton Police Department has received several reports of kids skateboarding in the Market Square area. This does cause concern and the police do respond.
    According to Houlton Town Ordinance, (Sec. 10-305 B) “No person shall propel or ride a skateboard on any sidewalk or within any sidewalk area, or pedestrian way within the Town of Houlton, nor shall any person leave any skateboard on any sidewalk or pedestrian way.”
    Sec. 10-310 Penalty – Any bicycle or skateboard operated by the owner or any other person lawfully in custody thereof in violation of any provision of this article may be taken into custody and impounded for a period of not more than 30 days. This shall be determined by the Chief of Police.