‘Chef’ could be a pretty sweet occupation

12 years ago
Natalie White

By Natalie White
Grade 8, LCS

Doing what you want in life, to me, is very important. How are you going to succeed in life if you don’t even get to do what you want? Well, I don’t think it’s possible. “Building tomorrow’s future on today’s dream” is a great subject, because how can you build a future without dreams?

I want to become a chef because cooking is something that I like to do. I would love to have other people enjoy it too. Cooking is also a beautiful thing. There are all kinds of different flavors and tastes: sweet, spicy, sour and sometimes different mixed flavors. There are different smells, and lots of colors in cooking, too. Most people don’t like their job, because they didn’t get the job they wanted. If I became a chef, I would love going to work everyday. If I could get paid to do something that I love to do every day, then I will.

In order for me to be successful, going forward with what I want, I will need to first be successful in school, both high school and college. In order to be successful, it will require working hard both in class and at home getting all my work done, paying attention, and studying. It’s important to get my studying done and learn while I’m in school, because I was surprised at what kinds of things people use in everyday jobs.

The reason I feel it is necessary to go to college is that although I might love to cook, that does not mean I’m very good at it. I want to learn how to be great at what I love to do. I want to be able to bring people their food and see their faces light up because of something I made. I think those are the kinds of dreams that everyone wants tomorrow’s future to be based on.