CMS ‘ad campaign’ successful again in 2012

12 years ago

Chris Haney, at left, and Nick Guerrette were a pretty successful advertising team as they designed a business ad which can be located somewhere within the pages of this edition of Newspapers In Education.



Members of Mrs. Cindy LeVasseur’s fifth-grade class at Teague Park created Newspapers in Education advertisements for local businesses. In front, from left are: Christian Blakely, Jacob Long, Joeline Damboise, Willow Whitten, Kari Chase, Emma Green, Destiny Soucie, Jasmine Olson, Tavia Akerson and Connor Charette. In back are Chris Haney, Carson Michaud, Nick Guerrette, Kianah Pelletier, Devin Roy, Alexis Rodriquez, Marisa Michaud and Mrs. Cindy LeVasseur. Absent from the photo are Joey Cyr, Bethany Carney and Rachel Drost.



Grade five students in Mrs. Dee Dee Duncan’s classroom at Teague Park Elementary School, created many of the business ads that appear in this Newspapers in Education edition. This classroom photo includes Josh Ashton, Monique Nadeau, Bobby-Lee Campbell, Tharen Hand, Austin LaPlante, Kiona Philbrook, Carter Conley and Noah Hixon. Also, Molly McCrossin, Olivia Austin, Aaron Macek, Tia Cyr, Cora Crandall, Alexis Bruso, Hailey Jandreau, Brennan Poitras, Mariah Mink, Kyle  Boucher, Dar Lui, Mrs. Dee Dee Duncan and teacher intern Mr. Theriault.



Teague Park fifth-grade students in Mrs. Jola Hebert’s class who created business ads that appear in this publication are in front, from left: Devon Fuller, Josh Cummings, Dagan Savage, Seth Roy and Sebastian Marquis. Row two: Theo Strid, Erin Jandreau, Brooke Haney, Emily Austin and Riley McNeal. Row three: Gabe Rand, Alex Ezzy, Olivia Picard, Madison Jandreau, Brianna Reece and Mrs. Hebert. In back are Zach Gerakaris, Katie Tardif, Abby Espling and Ashley Violette. Absent from the photo are Kassie Krul and Jason Willette.



Students in Mrs. Nella Ouellette’s fifth-grade Teague Park classroom put their heads and ideas together as they created local business advertisements that are shown in this edition of Newspapers in Education. Students in front, from left are: Jordan Theriault, Tyler Wright, Jacob Ouellette, Matt Whitten, Brianna Chase, Allicia Drinkall, Josh Ouellette and Riley Caron. In back are: Owen Mcquarrie, Brandon Masse, Logan Malm, Hailey Holmquist, Cassidy Stevens, Crissy Corbin, Devin Saggese, Amber Moir, Grace Gallagher, Michael Kashian, Sydney Thompson and Mrs. Ouellette. Absent from the photo is Andrew Mendez.