School’s an important step on the path toward success

12 years ago
Ethan Lowell

Ways to improve

By Ethan Lowell
Grade 5, LCS

There are many ways for me to be successful in school. One of the ways is for me to work to get my homework done every day. I do my homework but do not always get it completely finished especially in math. I could use more time in class to get it done. I don’t always understand the lesson. I guess I need more help. I am going to have to ask the teacher questions so I will understand. I could try to figure out the questions for myself.

I have an assignment notebook. I only use it sometimes. I should use it more often. I should put down the assignments when the teacher gives them to me. This way I would have it and could complete them the next morning. Hopefully, I would have the assignments right with the extra help.

I could pay attention in class better. If I get more sleep at night, [ wouldn’t be tired the next day, and I could concentrate better. I really need to listen more especially when someone is reading or the teacher is talking.

I could use my time more wisely. I sometimes waste a lot of time. I need to stop talking when I shouldn’t be talking. I need to settle down and do my work.

I do my homework when I first get home. This does help me to get it done. Everyone should have a set time to complete their homework. I usually put my homework in my book or my book bag. I could use a folder to keep it in, and then I would always know where it was. It would not get crumpled up in a folder.

I don’t know what I want to be when I am older. Being a good student in school will help me to be able to whatever I want. This is my goal.


Makayla Fuller

Ways to be More Successful in School

By Makayla Fuller
Grade 7, LCS

There are a bunch of ways that I could be more successful in school. Like you could get organized and work harder or I could be more prepared. Ways that I could get more organized is I could put all of my schoolwork in folders labeled for the classes the papers are for. I could keep my books and folders together depending on the class like I could put my social studies folder with my social studies book and whatever classes I have will go together this will prevent from having to shuffle through my backpack for loose papers.

Ways that I could work harder are like trying to remember to do my homework because sometimes I like to procrastinate. I could try not to do it as much. Ways to keep track of and remember my homework are I could keep an assignment notebook and write down my work and what I have to do on it. Ways to try not to procrastinate as much are I could do my homework right after I get home, or I could try to ignore the people who talk in class and get it done at school.

Ways to be prepared are I could remember all of my books for the next couple of classes even if I don’t need them, I should always bring them, because I might need them to do makeup work. I should remember an extra pencil or pen for my classes so that I don’t have to keep getting up to sharpen the pencil. That will cause less distractions. I should also always bring my homework in finished. These are a few possible ways to be more successful in school!

Stephenie Bragg

Education important to meeting goals

By Stephenie Bragg
Grade 6, LCS

When I look into the future I see myself as a successful person. Some of my dreams for the future are becoming a better artist, getting better grades, and going to a good college. Some of my career choices are becoming a veterinarian or becoming a social worker. Those are a few of my dreams for the future.

Going to a good college means I will need to get straight A’s in school. This will allow me to get a high paying job. Yale, Harvard, or Stanford are some Ivy leagues colleges I might attend. A couple of occupations I am interested in are being a social worker or being a veterinarian. So I would have to study science and take classes that have to do with social work.

Becoming a better artist and athlete are some of the goals I have for the future. To become a better athlete I will continue to play on my school’s sports teams and I will continue to go to sports camps. I also plan to play sports in college. I will also practice painting and drawing to become a better artist. When I am older I might sell some of my artwork to make extra money.

All of the steps you take today will help us achieve our dreams for tomorrow. So that is why I am going to take good steps so I can have a successful future. Those are my dreams and how I am going to make them happen.


Olivia Ellis

Good grades can help with college costs

By Olivia Ellis
Grade 8, LCS

My expectations for the future are to go to college, get a good job, and eventually have a family. I need to get good grades in school. When I have homework, I need to make sure I get it done. If I don’t understand something or have a question, I need to ask a teacher or a friend for help. I have been trying to work harder on my schoolwork, and I am not failing any classes. I have done things like skipping a whole math level, staying up late to work on unfinished homework, and doing my homework in the car on the way home from trips. These are things that help me finish my work and understand things a lot better.

I feel a need to get good grades, because I really want to go to a great college for my job that I want to do. I have been looking at colleges in Texas, Maine, Iowa, and even New York. Texas has great colleges for medical fields, and that is exactly what I want. I need to work hard to maybe get a scholarship to go to Texas. College costs a lot of money.

College is my #1 priority that I think about while doing my homework. I think about how if I just guess and/or don’t do my work, I won’t get good grades, go to a good college, get a job, or even raise my own family because I didn’t do my work in school. I want to do all of that, so I try extra hard on my work. I need a good college, so I can get a job at a hospital easily, so I can get a good paying job, and have a family. I don’t want to worry about not having enough food or clothes for my children. I also want pets, so I will need to be able to pay for that too.

I hear about families all the time, how the mom or dad can’t find a job, and they can barely keep clothes on their children or even pay the bills each month. I don’t want to be those people. I want to be able to have control of my future. I don’t want my grades in school to affect any of that. That is why I try extra hard in school.


Taylor Devoe

Being a pro takes time

By Taylor Devoe
Grade 5, LCS

What I do today will affect me in the future. My goals for the future are making National Honors Society in high school, go to college, become a professional dancer, and become a veterinarian. Dreams are important because they help you plan for the future. You need to follow your dreams in order for them to come true.

I will accomplish becoming an NHS member by working hard and getting good grades. Going to college will help me become a veterinarian. It will take effort and time. The steps to becoming a veterinarian are doing well in school, possibly get a scholarship, and studying very hard.        Becoming a professional dancer will take time, hard work, training, and dedication. Dancing has been my dream forever. Dreams are the key to your future. Work hard and accomplish everything you can in order for your dreams to come true.


Kassee Albert

Planning ahead

By Kassee Albert
Grade 8, LCS

My career choice in life is to go to school and get good grades. To do that I have to pay attention in school, stay organized, do my homework and turn in all my work. I need to turn it in when it’s due not even a day later. I could stay after school to get extra help if I don’t understand something.

I would like to go to a good college to be a dental hygienist. In college I will have to get good grades, pay attention, and get a part-time job to get some money for things that I’m going to need like food, drinks, clothes, books, or stay in a apartment.

I chose to be a dental hygienist, because I think it would be fun. They make a good amount of money.

After college I would then like to get a job that will help me get an apartment or house to get started. I will find the job that I go to college for.

After school and college, I want to get married and have kids. I want to be able to support my family by giving them a perfect house to live in, good food, wonderful clothes, amazing shoes, I want my kids to have a good life.