What’s for lunch?

12 years ago

By Caleb Hunter

A group of students at Caribou Middle School called the Cyber Boys have helped make the school lunch more enjoyable and healthier for their fellow students. The Cyber Boys consist of four eighth-grade students — Ben Ezzy, Chathu Karunasiri, Caleb Hunter and David Hunter, as well as their advisor Mrs. Beth Alden.

NIE-CMS-CLR-dc1-AR-Contributed photo
Caleb Hunter surveying students in the lunchroom at Caribou Middle School.

The whole idea began when they were looking for a new project that would make a difference for their peers. Mrs. Alden shared information about the E-Cybermission program. The E- Cybermission program challenged them to gather a group of students led by a teacher to make a difference in their community or school. This seemed to be a perfect fit. Once established, the Cyber Boys decided to help out with the school menu so that it was more enjoyable for the students as well as keeping it healthy. Their overall goal was to look at health issues affecting students and to take an action that would have a positive impact.

Not long after deciding on this project they called upon an expert on the subject to help guide them as to what the regulations are for the school meal and any upcoming changes. As soon as Ms. Louise Bray met with the group and gave them some much needed advice they began to formulate a plan. The team decided to gather information by creating a survey that would help them know what other people in their school would like in the menu. The survey would be given to students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, asking them about healthy food items they would enjoy seeing incorporated.

After creating the survey all the English teachers administered the survey to their students. When the surveys were received back from the students the Cyber Boys carefully recorded the data and gave the information to Mrs. Bray. They then worked together to create new menus from the students’ choices.

The Cyber Boys would like to thank all of the people who were involved in helping with this project. Without their help this project wouldn’t have been as successful.