When we grow up we want to be …

12 years ago
Wyatt Fulton

Professional wrestler

By Wyatt Fulton
Grade 4, LCS

I hope to become a professional WWE wrestler. I want to be a SUPERSTAR wrestler! I want a chance to wrestle the best wrestlers in the world, to prove that I am really good. “The Rock” – bring him on. To reach my goal, I need to learn how to tumble – somersaults, handsprings, flips and other moves are skills that I will need to become successful. Today, I will need to work hard to become strong and healthy. I really want to do this!!!

NIE-LCS Trinity Howard-dc-ar-12
Trinity Howard

Professional writer

By Trinity Howard
Grade 4, LCS

My dream is to become a professional writer because then maybe I could inspire kids to write more. I could entertain all kinds of people ( make some money), while I do the thing that I love the most. I don’t think that I would live a happy life without being able to write. I feel that a life without writing would definitely be a life that I would not like very much. Everything that I see reminds me of a wonderful story just waiting to happen. Today, I can work toward achieving my goal by writing every day. I wanted to become a young author and I did! To reach my goal, I will need to learn all that I can about how to become the best writer that I can be.


Taylor Labreck


By Taylor Labreck
Grade 4, LCS

I hope to become a successful veterinarian because I want to make a difference in the world. I want to help animals, especially abused animals. I hope to achieve this goal for the sake of animals that need care. Among the skills that I will need are: how to give safe and appropriate surgeries, how to treat different kinds of animals, and to become able to determine the specific needs of various animal groups. Now, to lead to my goal, I volunteer in animal shelters and watch doctors as they take care of the animals. Again, I want to make a difference.


Mykaylah Doak

Business owner

By Mykaylah Doak
Grade 4, LCS

I hope to become a business owner. The type of business that I want to open is a Spa. I will be able to make money and help other people at the same time. I will buy my own home, and enjoy owning my own business. I need to get an education so that I can do this. Then I will be able to start my own family.


Latoya Trenchard

Registered nurse

By Latoya Trenchard
Grade 4, LCS

I hope to become a registered nurse. I want to do this because I will be able to help other people.  I think that I really would like this job.  I hope to reach this goal for another reason, and that is, I could earn money to take care of myself. One of the skills that I think I would need to learn is how to give medicine and shots.   Today, I could work toward my goal by learning how to get along with other people better.  I will also need to stay in school and study hard.