Twenty 2 Vodka awarded World Spirits Competition top honors

12 years ago

    HOULTON — Twenty 2 Vodka, a premium micro distilled vodka, earned Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition held March 22-25. More than 1,200 spirits were judged this year, the largest number of entries in the Competition’s 12-year history.

    Twenty 2 Vodka is handcrafted in Houlton, by the Northern Maine Distilling Company. The company has won multiple awards for its locally sourced product and the carefully controlled distillation process that makes for Twenty 2 Vodka’s unbeatably smooth and neutral taste.


    This award marks the eighth recognition for Twenty 2 Vodka and the third consecutive top honor that the brand has received in the past three spirit competitions. It earned Gold for Quality at the 2011 MicroLiquor Awards and Platinum for Vodka in the 2011 SIP awards. This latest Double Gold recognition is particularly special, as the San Francisco competition is the most reputable and distinguished in the spirits industry.

    Scott Galbiati and wife Jessica Jewell, founders of The Northern Maine Distilling Company, created Twenty 2 Vodka with a commitment to the integrity of a “small batch” operation. Their top-shelf vodka is a product of a Maine designed distillation process engineered on American-made equipment. It is created in 50-gallon batches, ensuring the utmost precision and control. Twenty 2 is blended with pure and pristine natural spring water of Northern Maine to achieve the highest quality and finest possible mix-ability.

    The Northern Maine Distilling Company was founded in 2006 by husband and wife team Scott Galbiati and Jessica Jewell. The pair is committed to their grass roots and down-home mission of delivering only the finest spirits through local manufacturing and small-batch production. Their Twenty2 Vodka (80 proof) has won numerous awards, including Double Gold in 2012 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competitions and Gold for Quality at the 2011 MicroLiquor Awards. Twenty 2 Vodka is available in bars, restaurants and liquor stores in Maine, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. The Northern Maine Distilling Company also makes High Proof Spirit (HPS), designed for infusions. Twenty 2 Vodka is true micro distilled from grain for superior neutrality, meaning it has no taste, no color, no additives, and is naturally gluten-free. It’s the way vodka should be. For more information on the company and its products, visit and