Stop! Drop! Read! Across Aroostook 2012

12 years ago

    Aroostook Right to Read promotes literacy encompassing reading, writing, listening, and speaking across the curriculum among students, educators and parents. Directors work to complete this mission in several ways. They encourage the schools and the communities to participate in Reading Awareness activities as part of Reading Awareness Week. This year it will extend from April 9 to 13. As part of Reading Awareness Week, Aroostook Right to Read would like to sponsor an opportunity to Stop! Drop! Read! across Aroostook. The date selected for this is April 11 from 1 to 1:30 p.m. At this time everyone would stop what they are doing and read something of their own choosing for the half hour.

    Other activities Aroostook Right to Read sponsors are many. The organization honors young writers in grades four to eight at the annual Young Authors’ Institute culminating in the publication of student work. Students listen to a famous author, attend interesting and creative workshops, and receive a copy of all the student work from young writers across Aroostook. Another endeavor is that of disseminating information relevant to literacy wherever applicable.


    Directors also recognize educators and community members annually for outstanding work in the field of literacy. As part of the Reading Awareness Week, students create bookmarks. Winning bookmarks are then published and distributed to students countywide.