My adventure race experience

12 years ago

By James Barry

    Last year, Chet Knights and I took part in the East Grand Adventure Race. This is a 17-plus mile race where you bike, canoe, and do an off-trail compass run. The event is hosted by East Grand High School Outdoor Education Program.

Photograph courtesy of Kim Sixberry

AN ADVENTURE — James Barry, bow, and Chet Knights, stern, paddled the Baskahegan Stream during last year’s adventure race.

    The race began with the Compass Run. Boy, you better know how to use one! We read the compass wrong and got lost. While we were lost it began to rain and we got soaked! It’s really hard to run through the woods with wet boots. The only good thing about getting lost is that we saw a baby moose along the way.


    Next, we had to bike for about 10 miles on woods roads. It was wet, cold, and windy. We got off trail a little bit, I flipped my bike once, but then we found our way to the next checkpoint, the canoes.

    Canoeing is fun, but hard when you’re wet, cold, and tired. We had to paddle 10 miles down the Baskahegan Stream. The first part of the trip went pretty fast, but the last stretch, about four or five miles, felt like forever. Finally, we passed the finish line at the boat landing in Danforth.

    After canoeing, school vans transported us to the school to do the last activity of the day, climbing the rock wall. The wall was fun because I could do that quickly. I beat the time and won points off my course time.

    Then it was time to eat. Yes! I was ready. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks. We all received an Adventure Race sweatshirt and T-shirt. I can’t wait for the Adventure Race this year. It is so much fun and I learned a lot. I’ll be able to do it even better.

Outdoor Education students pen thoughts

    As part of the East Grand Outdoor Education program, students are writing articles to develop and teach skills to their peers and performing creative skits as a way to communicate, while other students are producing short videos.