Aroostook Fun Run attracts 56 paddlers

12 years ago

Aroostook Fun Run attracts 56 paddlers

By Jon Gulliver

Staff Writer

    WASHBURN — A Houlton couple recorded the fastest time in the fifth annual Aroostook Fun Run Canoe and Kayak Race on Saturday.

Staff photo/Jon Gulliver

    Adam Murchison of Mapleton finished the Aroostook River Fun Run course from Washburn to Presque Isle in just over an hour and 17 minutes. His wife Vicky paddled in the event as well.  sp-aroostookfunrun-dc1-arshpt-21

    Fred and Beth Ludwig cruised the course from Washburn to Presque Isle in a little over 52 minutes.

    This race, sponsored by the Presque Isle and Washburn Rotary Clubs, is more than winners and losers though.

    “It is designed mostly to get people outdoors and recreating,” said organizer Mark Putnam, a PI Rotarian.

    This year 56 river racers took part in 38 boats. The oldest paddler was 72 and the youngest eight. Another component of the festivities was a recreational bike ride along the ATV trail, with 16 registered bikers.

    Net proceeds from the race go to the Ashland Girl Scouts and Washburn Boy Scouts, who served as volunteers at the event.

    The eight-mile race that started at Thomas Brewer Park and ends at the PI Fish and Game Club

    Results of the race are as follows:

    Kayak (couple, experienced) — Fred and Beth Ludwig, Houlton, 52:09.

    Kayak (man, experienced) — Dan Baument, Levant, 53:48; Willam Popov, (16), PI, 1:00.27; Chris Morse,  PI, 1:00.50; and Herman Condon, Castle Hill, 1:04.54.

    Kayak (2 person, novice) — Lee Karp-Boss and Tom Boss (13), Orono, 1:17.48

    Kayak (man, novice) — Lee Griffin, PI, 1:07.45; Derik Smith, PI, 1:10.09; Adam Murchison, Mapleton, 1:17.12; Mitchell Daigle, Wallagrass, 1:17.45; David Griffin, PI, 1:21.58; and Paul Towle, PI, N/A.

    Kayak (woman, novice)    — Patricia Condon, Castle Hill, 1:12.22; Madelene Desmond, PI, 1:12.46; Heather Griffin, PI, 1:15.05; Vicky Murchison, Mapleton, 1:17.24; Amanda Daigle, Wallagrass, 1:17.54; Ronnette Griffin, PI, 1:21.49; Barb Bartlett, PI, 1:31.58; Linda Kelley, PI, 1:32.02; Helena Ford, Mapleton, 1:32.06; and Lori Bates, PI, 1:32.08.

    Canoe, (2 men, experienced) — David McCrossin and Fran Cyr, both Caribou, 53:18 and Ron Bomberger, Manheim, PA and Mark Ranco, Bangor, 54.34.

    Canoe (2 men, novice) — Barry and Matt Morrison, St. John, N.B., 1:03.29 and David Cyr III and David Cyr IV,  PI, 1:26.16.

    Canoe (2 women, exp) — Katie Michaud, Perham, and Michelle Anderson, PI, 1:15.31.

    Canoe (two person Middle School) — Philip Farley (14) Brookton and Josh Jones (12) Danforth, 1:07.16 and Billy Apgar (14) and Gage Caissie (13) both of Danforth, 1:14.35.

    Canoe (2 person High School) — Mitch Bartlett (17),Weston/Ashley Grenier (16), Danforth, 1:05.58; Kaleb Hagerty (14) Brookton/Bayliegh Rowe (15) Houlton, 1:10.48; and Kevin Hagerty (16) Brookton/Sam Stewart (16) Weston, 1:17.30

    Canoe (two person, Jr./Sr.) — Tammi Matula, Weston/Peter Apgar (12) Danforth, 1:03.38.

    Canoe (seniors, both over 65) — Peter Blood, Houlton, and Clint Cushman, Hodgdon, 57:48.

    Canoe (2 person, total age 100+)    — Charles Namur and Mellon Fitzherbert, both PI, 1:33.10

    Canoe (couple, experienced) — David and Beth Ann Chamberlain, Caribou, 56:08 and Emmanuel and Hai Boss (8), Orono, 56:29.

    Canoe (couple, novice)    — Scott and Christa Galipeau, Presque Isle, 1:14.56.