Collins sets high standard

12 years ago

To the editor:

    Sen. Susan Collins has never missed a single vote since she took office in January 1997. This week, she topped 5,000 votes cast during her tenure. 5,000 consecutive votes is a very impressive record. Whether one agrees or disagrees with her position on every one of those votes should not diminish the deep commitment Sen. Collins has demonstrated to the spirit of the democratic system and to the people of Maine.

    In fact, Sen. Collins has cited the dedication of working Mainers as her inspiration to make it to the Senate floor each and every time. Her commitment to her job and her appreciation of the impact that each vote can have on her constituents stands as a model of representational government.


    With the elections just around the corner, it is my hope that newly elected and re-elected federal and state legislators will work as hard as Sen. Collins to examine the challenges we face in Maine. The needs of a constituency facing challenges around health and long-term care, unemployment, hunger and age discrimination deserve our elected leaders’ concerted and undivided attention.

Carol Kontos, president, AARP Maine