‘Broadway in the Bou’ musical is Aug. 3

12 years ago
Photo courtesy of Devon Cote
Collaborating through a summer performing arts program at the Caribou Parks and Recreation program are co-directors Kellie Moody, left, and Danielle Lane. Their end-of-season show ‘Broadway in the Bou’ will be held Friday, Aug. 3 at the Caribou Performing Arts Center.

By Donna DeLong
Special to the Aroostook Republican

CARIBOU — Danielle Lane and Kellie Moody have been around music since they were very young. Lane started singing in church and fell in love with it. Moody’s mother is a piano instructor and she started young to learn to play.

The girls met in middle school while they both were very much involved in music. They credit their success to the many wonderful people who taught and guided them on their journey through their middle and high school years. Both earned accolades for their outstanding abilities and attend college at the University of Southern Maine (USM) where Lane is majoring in musical theater and Moody is majoring in music with a focus in piano.

“My freshman year at USM I met two incredible women who introduced me to theater, Virginia White and Megan Towle. Had I not met them, I would not be pursuing theater. They instilled a certain confidence in me and the knowledge that there is always room for improvement!” Lane said.

Due to the lack of opportunities for young people to get involved with music and theatre, the girls contacted the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department and with their approval added a music and theater summer program.

Lane and Moody work with children ages 8 and older and meet twice a week for six weeks on acting, dancing and stage performance. The girls wrote the script, designed the costumes and built the set for their end-of-the-season musical “Broadway in the Bou.”

The show is described as “a musical mash up” by Moody and Lane. The plot is based on different musicals that include Dorothy ending up in the Land of Oz and she somehow gets stuck in Wonderland. There she meets various characters from other well-known musicals, as they work together to find their way home.

The performance is on Friday, Aug. 3rd, at 7 p.m. at the Caribou Performing Arts Center and completely free to the public.

“We have all worked extremely hard and had a ton of fun. We would really love to have a good audience to share the fun with. Donations are gratefully accepted. Please come out and support our local youth.” Moody said.