Little Lucy

12 years ago

fs-norma-dcx-ar-28Contributed photo
Little Lucy is both lazy and lucky, as described by the volunteers at the Halfway Home Pet Rescue who’ve cared for her since she was a day old. When Lucy’s feral mother tried to move the newborn litter from the old piece of furniture she gave birth in, Lucy got stuck. A neighbor saw the mother cat sitting beside the furniture and, upon investigation, the day old kitten was found with a cloth string wrapped around her neck. She was brought to HHPR, where she will stay for two more weeks until she’s ready for adoption. Volunteers couldn’t help but notice that Lucy is something else. “Little Lucy is smart and, when she can get away with it, she is lazy,” described HHPR President Norma Milton. “After being bottle fed for four weeks, Lucy decided that learning to eat on her own was just too much trouble, so she insisted on her bottle by climbing over the heads of still younger bottle-fed orphan kittens and grabbing at the bottle … she took no prisoners.”