Cary Medical Center births

12 years ago

The following births were recently announced at Cary Medical Center:

Gallagher — a girl, Victoria Elizabeth Gallagher born to Nicole and Jason Gallagher of Limestone on April 27.

Sturgeon — a girl, Gabriella Alexis Sturgeon born to Ananstacia and Ben Sturgeon of Fort Fairfield on April 28.

Corson — A girl, Karlee Marie Corson born to Danielle McBreairty and Daniel Corson of Limestone on April 30.

Khanamakhom — A boy, Caleb Louis Khanamakhom born to Brittany White and Christopher Khanamakhom of Caribou on May 1.

Cornman — A boy, Parker John Aiden Cornman born to Kellie Nicole Wierzbicki and Hunter Paul Cornman of Hamlin on May 4.

Lewis — A boy, David Brady Lewis born to Blanca E. and David E. Lewis of Caribou on May 6.

Saunders — A girl, Aubree Lori Saunders born to Devin Watson of Caribou on May 9.

Trosper — A boy, Kaleb Wade Trosper born to Breanne and Wade Trosper of Presque Isle on May 9.

Cochran — A girl, Bailey Alexis Cochran born to Erika and Chad Cochran of Caribou on May 10.

Anderson — A boy, Jansen Jared Anderson born to Tiffany and Christopher Anderson of Van Buren on May 11.

Dyer — A girl, Nicole Jayne Dyer born to Amanda and Nicholas Dyer of Presque Isle on May 14.

Ramsey — A girl, Eliana Darlene Ramsey born to Nicole Newcomb and Christopher Ramsey of Presque Isle on May 16.

McLaughlin — A girl, Ella Rose McLaughlin born to Bridget McDougall and Eugene McLaughlin of Presque Isle on May 16.

Green — A girl, Madison Renee Green born to Jessica Nedergard and James Green of Caribou on June 6.

Ireland — A boy, Evan Liam Ireland born to Kaci and Matthew Ireland of Chapman on June 7.

Duval — A boy, Everett Michael Duval born to Kristal and Travis Duval of Fort Kent on June 9.

Thompson — A boy, Reed Wyman Thompson born to Melissa and Bryan Thompson of Caribou on June 12.

Shaw — A girl, Serenity Rayne Shaw born to Samantha Corey and Clifford Shaw of Limestone on June 14.

Levesque — A girl, Sophia Rose Levesque born to Amy and Lucas Levesque of Frenchville on June 17.