Putting autism in the spotlight

12 years ago

To the editor:
    You might have seen my autistic son, Dominic and me on WAGM-TV last year as part of an Autism Awareness program. With all the negative comments about autism that have been floating around in the media lately (50 Cent and Joe Scarborough just this month) I really think we need some positive light to be shed on the autism community and what wonderful individuals they are. I am making it my personal mission to help banish the stereotypical impression that people have formed and show them who they really are.
    Recently after I heard a disturbing story I decided that I really needed to up my game on autism awareness, so I posted a condensed story of Dominic’s autism diagnosis on my blog. I set a personal goal of having 100 page views in 30 days ( I don’t have much traffic on my blog). I was blown away that two hours after I posted it I had 176 views (thanks Facebook )! I then re-adjusted my goal to 500 page views in 30 days. Now, about two weeks later, I have 452 page views.
    The encouragement we have received from those who have read it is a very powerful motivator and makes me extremely and incredibly proud to be an autism Mom.
Jacquie Morse