Shaw speaks to Probus members

12 years ago

Shaw speaks to Probus members

    Twelve members of Probus met at Reed Commons on the Northern Maine Community College campus July 20, with Dixie Shaw serving as the guest speaker.

    Shaw, the manager of Catholic Charities of Aroostook County, gave an informational talk, explaining what Catholic Charities does and does not do. She said all donations are used to provide the one tractor-trailer load of food needed each month to stock the 25 food pantries they serve. 

    Catholic Charities maintain warehouses in Caribou and Monticello. Thrift stores are located in Caribou, Presque Isle and Monticello. Donations of food, money or household items may be dropped off at these locations or can be picked up by the organization. Through their ability to resell and recycle, they are able to sell all donated household items including clothing, shoes and metals. The proceeds are then used to purchase food to stock the pantries.

    Probus president Karen Sweeney then called the business meeting to order. Secretary and treasurer reports were read and accepted. Priscilla Gallagher presented the slate of officers for the nominating committee. The following officers were elected: Jane McEwen, president; Mel Fitzherbert, vice president;  Dave Maxcy, program chairman; Helen McConnell and Peggy Woodman, secretaries.