Seniors hold pair of tourneys

12 years ago

Seniors hold pair of tourneys

    The Upper St. John Valley Senior Men’s Golf Association held a tournament at Houlton Golf Club July 11, with 110 golfers competing.

    Division winners were as follows: A gross, first, Gary Greene, Covered Bridge, 72; second, Jerry York, Houlton, 76; and third, Stephen Sweetser, Presque Isle Country Club, 78. A net, first, David Grant, Houlton, 68; second, Neil Girdwood, Covered Bridge, 69; and third, Barry Richardson, PICC, 71.

    B gross, first, Mark Anderson, Houlton, 75; second, LD Balmer, Aroostook Valley Country Club, 79; third, Ian Robinson, Woodstock, 82. B net, first, Stuart Kelley, VaJoWa, 66; second, Cliff Gagnon, Long Lake, 68; and third, Greg Palmer, Houlton, 70.

    C gross, first, Ray Mersereau, Mars Hill, 81; second, Josephel Pelletier, PICC, 87; third, Ron Opthof, Limestone Country Club, 89. C net, first, Roy Layte, Covered Bridge, 66; second, Danval Libby, Portage Hills, 72; third, Roger Ouellette, Fort Kent, 74.

    D gross, first, Conrad Walton, Caribou, 83;  second, John Smallwood, VaJoWa, 86; third, Hamish Duncan, Covered Bridge, 89. D net, first, Kenny Jones, Covered Bridge, 67; second, Bob Lewandowski, PICC, 71; third, Dave Wilcox, Caribou, 72.   

    E gross, first, Joe Maguire, Woodstock, 91; second, Elwood Doody, Limestone, 93; third, Fred Boyd, Mars Hill, 94. E net, first, Rex Clark, Woodstock, 70; second, Ken Hensler, Caribou, 72; third, Ron Daigle, Fort Kent, 73.

    F gross, first, Frances Cyr, VaJoWa, 88; second, Wally Polchies, Covered Bridge, 92; third, Cliff Boaz, Limestone, 96. F net, first, Norman Martin, Fort Kent, 64; second, Martin Shaw, Mars Hill, 68; and third, Freeman Deabay, Portage Hills, 72.

    The most recent tournament was held at Fort Kent Golf Club July 25, with 135 golfers participating.

    Winners were: A gross, first, Medard Soucy, Fort Kent, 76; second, Dave Plourde, Edmunston, 78; third, Gilles Picard, Grand Falls, 80. A net, first, Bob Bruce, AVCC, 69; second, Bob Bouchard, Fort Kent, 69; and third, Yvon Levesque, Edmunston, 72.

    B gross, first,  Elmer Pelletier, Fort Kent, 80; second, Dale Plourde, Caribou, 83; and third, Normand Michaud, Edmunston, 85. B net, first, Ray Mersereau, Mars Hill, 70; second, Bob Osterblom, AVCC, 71; and third, Gill Basque, Edmunston, 72.

    C gross, first, John Manter, AVCC, 82; second, James Caron, Fort Kent, 82; and third, Rick Hallowell, Caribou, 89. C net, first, David Wilcox, Caribou, 65; second, Dan Boyd, Presque Isle, 72; and third, Roy Layte, Covered Bridge, 74.

    D gross, first, Fred Boyd, Mars Hill, 86; second, Cliff Gagnon, Long Lake, 92; and third, Al Condon, Presque Isle, 93. D net, first, Camille Theriault, Fort Kent, 67; Irvine Roy, Fort Kent, 73; and third, Pat Kelley, Portage Hills, 73.

    E gross, first, Gille Lagace, Long Lake, 93; second, Michael Nadeau, Fort Kent, 93; and third, Joel Plourde, Fort Kent, 97. E net, first, Louis LaBrie, Fort Kent, 70; second, Ronald Daigle, Fort Kent, 74; and third, Philip Wasson, AVCC, 78.

    F gross, first, Roger Roy, Fort Kent, 98; second, Cliff Boaz, Limestone, 100; and third, Jim Kelley, Portage Hills, 101. F net, first, George Walsh, Grand Fall,s 72; second, Carl Ouellette, Limestone, 72; and third, Arnold Davis, AVCC, 73.