Students raising funds for trip

12 years ago

Students raising funds for trip


by Beth Boddy

    The Washburn Italy Tour students are having a huge yard sale on Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Washburn High School, 1359 Main St., from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. To learn more or to donate items, please contact Tracy Reed by e-mailing

Quilters making a difference

    Oct. 27 is Make a Difference Day. The Washburn quilting group Stitchin’ an’ a Givin’ will be making quilts on Oct. 26 to commemorate this day at the Trail Runners’ Clubhouse in Washburn.

    The group will be making quilts for Hospice of Aroostook. They will be having a potluck lunch along with items for coffee breaks. Anyone is welcome to come and help out; if you don’t sew you can help with cutting, pressing or tacking fabric. They will have fabric available for anyone who does not have their own, but quilts made from the fabric stash must be donated to Hospice.

    Please bring your own tools such as scissors, tacking needles or sewing machine. The Stitchin’ an’ a Givin’ group will be at the Trail Runners’ Clubhouse Friday, Oct. 26, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Even if you don’t sew or quilt you are welcome to stop by and say hello and see the work that will be going to Hospice of Aroostook.



    Those celebrating birthdays from Sept. 26 through Oct. 2 include: Mimi Rossignol, Rodney Bouchey, Chris Tupper, Todd Hitchcock, Jody McNeal, Lucky Bragg, Scott Ireland, Scott Bennett, Wade McLaughlin, Vicki Griswald, Heather Ingersoll, Ivan Corey, James Cray, Barbara McLaughlin, Jean Gabourie, Shayla Enman, Noah Farley, Nykita Emery, Pam Haley, Sharon Burchett, Becky Doody, Daniel Abbott, Joey Brinkman, Russell Scott, Pat Baker, Dan Martin, Jodi Goodine, Brianna Krupienski, Janet Doak, Cameron Huston, Kyle Huston, Kristy Soucier, Blake Hatt, Kerry Kennedy, Tyler Farley, Julie Jencks and Tracy Whitten.

    Those celebrating anniversaries from Sept. 26 through Oct. 2 include: Dan and Shannon Olson, Nick and Andrea Pesut, and Jerome and Erika Churchill.

    Beth Boddy is the correspondent for Perham, Wade and Washburn. She can be reached by calling 455-8427 or by e-mailing