Memorial donations made to Houlton’s Cary Public Library

11 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — The following memorial donations were received at Cary Library during the months of October, November and December, 2012:
In Memory of Don Appleby: O’Leary family.
In Memory of Carol J. Blake: Mark and Jane Stile.

In Memory of Theresa Cameron: Barnes Law Office.
In Memory of Jean Crandall: Madolyn Boutilier.
In Memory of Christine Caron Crawford: Dr. and Mrs. Don Metzger; Jane and Max Lynds; and Mark and Jane Stile.
In Memory of Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Henderson: George Russell; Jim, Michele and Sheridan McCordic; Kenny and Carole Wilson; Mark and Jane Stile; and Wanda Cumming.
In Memory of Mattie Barrett Jacobson: Mike and Norma London.
In Memory of Paul Kilcollins: Freda L. Williams.
In Memory of Taylor Wilson Lynds: Rob and Janene Moran.
In Memory of Clark Mitchell: Gemma Bartley.
In Memory of Allen Moody: Jim, Michele and Sheridan McCordic; Joyce and Hartley Shaw; Stephen and Bernadette Farrar; and Yvon, Linda, Shawn and Christine Faucher.
In Memory of Ralph Mark Reardon: Mark and Jane Stile.
In Memory of Leonard and Virginia Ritchie: Roger and Linda Callnan.
In Memory of Shirley Wilson: Dana and Nancy Wright; Edward and Nadine Williams; and Gordon H. Bither.
In Memory of Margaret Merritt Wolverton: Doreen Denonville, Janene Moran, Laureen Bither and Carole Wilson; and Jim, Michele and Sheridan McCordic.