Mixed doubles bowling

11 years ago

    Louise Beaupre and Lloyd Thibodeau (90-30), Darlene and Phil Caverhill (76-44), Tammy and Glenn Nadeau (68-44), Anita and Greg Dickinson (65-55), Tammy Thomas and Byron Skidgel (63-49), Lisa Brissette and John Bougie (60-60), Diane and Martin Biggs (57-55), Kathy and Terry Susee (56-64.
    Freda Mosley and Ralph Ostlund (56-56), Haley Bretzke and Mike McGlinn (55-57), Sheila and Craig Gustafson (54-66), Renee Bell and Jerry Kinney (52-68), Marie and Donnie Anderson (49-63), Kelly McBreairty and Joel Wardwell (45-67), Theresa and Terry Cochran (41-71).