Always a good time!

11 years ago

By Gloria Austin
Staff Writer
    No matter how many times you’ve seen a show, there are some you just don’t get too tired of even though you know every line, every move and every joke.

    That is how it was last Friday night when the Harlem Superstars came to town.
    However, for many youngsters, this was their first time to see the Superstars and they were in awe. Each year, a new set of fans come to the forefront, along with numerous children and adults who have watched these athletes through the years and are still being entertained by their antics and talent.
    The Superstars played against the senior team of Alex Donovan, Cole McLaughlin, Tori Hanson, Dan Swallow, Brandon Ward, Jordan Swimm, Josh Viera, Mikaela Tracy, Marina Cameron, Lainey Jamison, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, DJ McGary and Lucas Flewelling.
    Almost 800 people filled the Alumni Gymnasium, as the seniors raised $2,000 for their upcoming class trip. Senior advisor Jenn Carr said, “It was a great crowd. The kids had a great time and the show was a lot of fun.”

sp-harlem-dc2-pt-14 sp-harlem-dc5-pt-14
A SURPRISE — Show Boat, left, chased Razzmatazz into the crowd during one of the Harlem Superstar stunts last Friday night. Instead of water coming from the bucket, it was confetti that went everywhere. POSES — Skyscraper “claims” Mikaela Tracy as his “girl”, as Alex Donovan watches and waits for his cue in the background.
sp-harlem-dc11-pt-14 sp-harlem-dc10-pt-14
ABOVE THE RIM — Skyscraper skies above the rim over, from  left, Jordan Swimm, Josh Viera and Lucas Flewelling. PULL ‘EM UP — Brandon Ward was a good sport as he was pranked by the Harlem Superstars – Razzmatazz and Show Boat.
sp-harlem-dc1-pt-14 sp-harlem-dc9-pt-14
FUN — Wi-Fly has fun with kids before the show starts. THIS IS EASY — By the expression on Adrian Norton’s face, this trick basketball thing isn’t hard, as he tosses the ball back.
I LIKE YOUR HAT — Wi-Fly talks with Cody Gould, as Cameron Clark is caught by the camera in the background.