TOPS Chapter 0293

Lois Downing, Special to The County
11 years ago

TOPS Chapter 0233 met at the Aldergate building on High Street for its Friday, May 9 meeting. Twenty-two members were weighed. six of these were KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly). Fran Richards was a guest.

Loser of the week was Kay Grass with Bonnie Pratt as runner-up. The skinny dish was taken home by Cheryl.
Janette Nelson gave a monthly financial report and Cheryl Driscoll gave the secretary’s minutes. Cheryl also gave a report on SRD which several of the members attended in Bangor last weekend. Shirley Ethier told about her experiences in Bangor too and she was 11th in overall weight taken off for the state of Maine, losing 32 pounds. She showed pictures from an album.
Joanne Scott was named chapter ‘’angel,’’ and Charlotte Marley as chapter KOPS. Brenda Lacostic had charge of the current contest and distributed telephone numbers, so we could call our person for the week. Diane Folsom, leader, had sugar free recipes for those who wanted them. She had a contest with ages, buttons, earrings, pearls and other items and Barbara Troy was the winner.
Betty Ivey will have charge of the meeting for the next time. We will also have an auction, so be sure and bring items for this project.
We acknowledged a thank you letter from the Houlton Humane Animal Shelter for the items given to them recently.
If you need more information of the chapter, you may call Charlotte Marley at 532-9653 or Charlotte Marley at 757-8483.
Weigh-in is at 8-8:45 every Friday morning; the meeting starts at 9 o’clock and usually ends an hour later. Come, enjoy and take off weight.