ATV trails for public use?

11 years ago

To the editor:
    Once again, we have a beautiful start to the summer and are not allowed to legally ride the trails in the Caribou area. The postings say because the soil is saturated. I beg to differ, we haven’t had rain in over two weeks and the area is so dry you can only get a burn permit for small hot dog and marshmallow fires.

    Landowners may not want ATVs running on their properties due to planting, grooming, and wet lands etc. There is no good reason I can find for not having the local trails open for at least inner-city use. Trails that were there for 15-plus years before ATV clubs, city and the state decided they were the owners, are now off limits. This really irks me, and I feel common sense decision making is in order for when the local trails open. Local trails at least should open when common sense dictates, not a bylaw that states a certain date!
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Gene Saunders