Tim Horton’s supports ‘Cruisin’ the strip

11 years ago

By Gloria Austin
Staff Writer
    Remember the “good ol’ days” in a small town? Weekends spent cruising the “strip,” which meant riding up the North Road or out the Calais Road to the bowling alley and back into Market Square or just hanging out at Key Bank parking lot with your friends. Would you like to recapture a bit of the glory days, if so, each Friday night in May, Tim Hortons will be the place to reminisce.

    Cruise Night will begin this Friday from 6-8 p.m. in Tim Hortons’ parking lot. Each driver who comes in gets 50 percent off their order, except for the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.
    A Cruise Night is just another name for having a primary place to gather and socialize surrounding automobiles.
    “It’s a social evening where people get together and hang around and talk about cars or check out cars,” said Tim McAtee, organizer. “You’re networking, basically.”
    Tim Hortons is located just off the four-wheeler trail and ATV and dirt bikers are welcome to stop in, as well.
    McAtee noted a few regulars with antique cars would start the event out.
    “We want to have different people for a rotation so it is not the same vehicles every week,” he said. “It may be the same basic crowd, but hopefully, we will always have someone stopping in.”
    The Cruise Night is not affiliated with North Country Cruisers.
    “A bunch of us are Cruiser members,” said McAtee, “but it is not a club function.”
    Last year, a few guys would meet at North Street Plaza parking lot and before that at Zippy’s in Market Square.
    “The one at Zippy’s started to take off a bit,” said McAtee.
    McAtee stopped by Tim Hortons and met with owner Mercerdes Melo, who agreed to try Cruise Night.
    “She is familiar with the format of a Cruise Night,” added McAtee. “And, it gives her a chance to pick up more business.”
    Cruise Night was very popular at Nicky’s in Bangor, as it drew about 175 cars at one time. Now, it is running around 75.
    “At Nicky’s, Cruise Night filled the dooryard,” said McAtee. “If we can keep a dozen or so up here, we will be very happy.”
    Though never sure of how many drivers will bring out their cars, McAtee said the time of the event was to accommodate some people who are out-of-town.
    “This gives people a little time to get here,” he said. “If someone wants to come from Presque Isle, Mars Hill or Woodstock, they will get to Tim Hortons in plenty of time to enjoy the gathering.”
    Cruise Night will run each Friday in May and continue until the weather dampens the fun.
    “Maybe later, if things take off, we may have music on the PA and some picnic tables scattered around,” said McAtee. “As it grows, we will grow.”
    Though it is expensive to register, insure and gas up the ol’ metal, it is still a part of history that can be recalled and relived in a moment — the malt shop days — updated from soda fountains to ice caps, hamburgers to sandwiches or donuts.
    The vintage cars will be available for the public to view.
    “Hopefully, it will be something people drive by and see that draws them in,” said McAtee. “It’s a nice spot with enticement [discount on order] to come in.”
    So, bring  a chair and join the fun. For more information or to see if the event is still on, call Tim Hortons at 532-0100.