Avenue of Flags

11 years ago



Aroostook Republican Photo/Lisa Wilcox
    The 30 flags that make up the Avenue of Flags at the Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery entrance in Caribou were raised in honor of deceased United States veterans during a ceremony held on May 13. Family members and friends of the veterans gathered to fully raise the flags from a half-mast position. There are 15 flags on each side of the avenue. Beginning on the right with the first flag, then continuing down the line over to the left side and back to the start, the flags fly in honor of: Flag No. 1, all deceased veterans; Flag No. 2, Army veteran John Gagnon; Flag No. 3, Air Force veteran Kenneth Smart; Flag No. 4, Army veteran Jerry Hewitt; Flag No. 5, Marine veteran Robert Corbin; Flag No. 6, Air Force veteran Jon Fowler; Flag No. 7, Army veteran Frederick Hafford; Flag No. 8, Army veteran James McGlinn; Flag No. 9, Army veteran Donald Potvin; Flag No. 10, Navy veteran Kathy Braeuninger; Flag No. 11, Navy veteran Albert “Dale” Braueninger; Flag No. 12, Army veteran Robert Longlais; Flag No. 13, Navy veteran Allen Philip Madore; Flag No. 14, Army veteran Gilbert James Madore; Flag No. 15, Air Force veteran Hubert Dale Richards; Flag No. 16, Army veteran Richard Joseph Martin; Flag No. 17, Army veteran Ted Morin; Flag No. 18, Merchant Marine veteran Lawrence Martin; Flag No. 19, Army veteran Albert John Bernard; Flag No. 20, Army veteran Thomas Wilson Wilcox; Flag No. 21, Army veteran Rex E. Nason; Flag No. 22, Army veteran Howard Hede; Flag No. 23, Army veteran James Merritt; Flag No. 24, Air Force veteran Ralph Williams Sr.; Flag No. 25, Army veteran Perley Langley; Flag No. 26, Army veteran Clarence Dow; Flag No. 27, Army veteran Andrew E. Anderson; Flag No. 28, Army veteran Ronald Buzzell; Flag No. 29, Navy veteran Albert Stanley Urban; and Flag No. 30, Army veteran Elmer Olson.