Golf tour makes 2 stops

10 years ago

    The Upper St. John Valley Senior Golf Association held its latest tournament at Long Lake Country Club Aug. 21, with 95 players participating. The top three for gross and net in each of the six divisions were as follows:

A division gross: first, Warren Walker, VaJoWa, 72; second, Yvon Levesque, Edmunston, 73; and third, Gary Greene, Covered Bridge.
Net: first, Mike McLaughlin, Grand Falls, 64; second, Gill Picard, Grand Falls, 66; and third, Steve Edwards, VaJoWa, 66.
B division gross: first, Mike Pelletier, Edmunston, 78; second, Charles Violette, Presque Isle, 78; and third, Ron Arbeau, Covered Bridge, 82.
Net: first, Bob Roy, Caribou, 64; second, Elmer Pelletier, Fort Kent, 69; and third, Gerald Dube, Grand Falls, 71.
C division gross: first, Robert Burns, Limestone, 79; second, Marcel Garant, Edmunton, 81; third, Conrad Walton, Caribou, 84.
Net: first, Cliff Gagnon, Long Lake, 64; second, Ken Fongemie, Long Lake, 65; and third, Elwood Doody, Limestone, 69.
D division gross: first, Don Hanning, Limestone, 79; second, Pat Kelley, Portage, 84; and third, Camille Theriault, Fort Kent, 86.
Net: first, Vince Bernier, Aroostook Valley, 63; second, Brian Williams, Covered Bridge, 65; and third, Tom Conant, Aroostook Valley, 65.
E division gross: first, Keith Ireland, Caribou, 85; second, Bernard Clavette, Grand Falls, 87; and third, Art Benner, Caribou, 88.
Net: first, Willis Glew, Long Lake, 60 ; second, Bob Bouchard Caribou, 61; and third, Freeman Deabay, Portage, 63.
F division gross: first, John Bradley, Limestone, 88; second, Stephen Walker, VaJoWa, 96; and third, Wayne Paul, Mars Hill, 97.
Net: first, Brent Kelley, VaJoWa, 60; second, Jim Caldwell, Caribou, 63; and third, Berend Tepper, Grand Falls, 64.
The association also held a tournament at Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club in Hartland, New Brunswick Aug. 7, with 143 competing. Results are as follows:
A Division gross: first, Dave MacFarlane, Edmunston, 75; second, Warren Walker, VaJoWa, 75; and third, Neil Girdwood, Covered Bridge, 80. Net: first, Bob English, Woodstock, 69; second, Michael Gagnon, Caribou, 73; and third, Harold Clark, Presque Isle, 74.
B Division gross: first, Tom Davidson, Aroostook Valley, 80; second, Jenness Gushee, VaJoWa, 82; and third, Ian Robinson, Woodstock, 86. Net: first, Wilson Patterson, Covered Bridge, 71; second, Peter Curley, Covered Bridge, 72; and third, Eldon Levesque, Presque Isle, 74.
C Division gross: first, Ron Kearney, Covered Bridge, 84; second, Harry McPhail, Grand Fals, 87; and third, Marcel Garant, Edmunston, 89. Net: first, Fred Soucy, Edmunston, 73; second, Roy Layte, Covered Bridge, 74; and third, Doug Lawrence, Covered Bridge, 75.
D Division gross: first, Brian Crain, Covered Bridge, 87; second, Rick Hallowell, Caribou, 87; and third, Mike Duffley, Woodstock, 89. Net: first, Al Condon, Presque Isle, 68; second, John Murphy, Presque Isle, 71; and third, Marc Michaud, Fort Kent, 72.
E Division gross: first, Blair Adams, Aroostook Valley, 88; second, Brian Williams, Covered Bridge, 92; and third, Tom Conant, Aroostook Valley, 94.
F Division gross:; first, Jim Kelley, Portage, 101; second, Ernie McIntosh, Mars Hill, 103; and third, Bob Ellingwood, Limestone, 105. Net: first, Len Riley, Covered Bridge, 73; second, Philip Caverhill, Limestone, 76; and third, Alan Irving, Presque Isle, 78.