1963: Maine Potato Commission launches ‘Project Selmor’

11 years ago
File photo 1963
    A Perham native and now a resident of Blaine, Edward C. Dahlgren, only Maine born recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War II and his family will be honored during Armed Forces Day observances at Loring Air Force Base.

115 Years Ago-Nov. 17, 1897

• Potatoes $1 per barrel.
• Sleighs were out Friday for the first time this season. After having a few slight squalls, a genuine snow storm commenced Thursday, November 10th and when it abated, ten inches of snow had fallen.


100 Years Ago-Nov. 13, 1913

• Jobs for every graduate — In their advertisement, The Houlton Business College claims, “Sixteen positions more than we could fill during the month of September. We have secured a good position for every graduate. We can help you if you will let us. Don’t delay. Write and make arrangements to enter the school now.” O. A. Hodgins, Principal, Houlton, Maine.
• Pick a peck — In their advertisement, Smith & Lufkin Co. report, “We are headquarters for Heinz pickles. The following kinds are now in stock: plain sour pickles, plain sweet pickles, mixed sweet pickles, mustard pickles, and dill pickles — all new pickles in bulk. Buy any amount from five cents worth up.

75 Years Ago-Nov. 17, 1938

• Swimming pool sites examined — A meeting of the committee appointed by various clubs of Caribou through the efforts of the Women’s Civic League in the project to build a community swimming pool was held Monday. Sites investigated were the old fish hatchery, new fish hatchery and Teague Park.
• At the movies — Featured at the Powers and Rudy Theatres in Caribou: “Bordertown” with Paul Muni and Betty Davis, Gene Autry starring in “Oh, Susanna,” “Touchdown Army” with Mary Carlisle and John Howard, and The Three Mesquiteers and P. Larson in “Heroes of the Hills”, also featuring Flash Gordon’s “Trip to Mars.

50 Years Ago-Nov. 14, 1963

• Project “Selmor,” potato promotion — The time has arrived for a joining of hands from Fort Kent to Kittery in a concerted effort to get Maine potatoes on the move again. The Maine Potato Commission is launching the gigantic “Project Selmor,” with the first volley in the campaign aimed at the people of the state itself. From the biggest supermarket to the smallest corner grocery, food store owners are being asked to stock, display and promote the sale of Blue, White and Red-labelled Maine potatoes.
• October storm creates slow ride home — Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Michaud and three small children got caught in the storm the night of the 29th, when even taxis refused to go out after 5 p.m. Leonard, who works at the Caribou post office, got out of work at 5:15. He and his family, who had been at a doctor’s appointment, started home. The eight-mile trip took two hours. Road conditions were extremely slippery, but through the courtesy of Wendell Thompson who hauled them with his tractor a distance of a mile and a half, they reached home at 7:15.

25 Years Ago-Nov. 16, 1988

• Student stamp club promoted — Blaine Postmaster Tim Taylor visited classes at Limestone Elementary School last week to introduce students to the fun of stamp collecting through the Ben Franklin Stamp Club, a nationwide service offered since 1973 by the United States Postal Service.
• At the movies — Showing at the Caribou Cinema Center this week: “Crocodile Dundee II”, “Alien Nation,” “Halloween 4” and “Punchline” with Tom Hanks and Sally Fields. At the Braden Cinema Center: “Big” with Tom Hanks, “Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 4,” and “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis.