Iris is a Caribou treasure

11 years ago

To the editor:
    I recently read an article concerning Iris McDonald’s brother, Alberic Blanchette. Although he was killed many years ago, her love for her brother is not surprising to me. I have known Iris since I was old enough to have a memory of anyone other than my immediate family.

    Every time I had an opportunity to just say “hello” to her, I always had a flood of fond memories of her and her family. She sang at the funerals of my father and my mother. For that, I thank her. I remember her husband Clement. He may be gone but certainly not forgotten.
    So, all of you who live in Caribou, if you know Iris McDonald, treasure the time you have to know her. She will be a part of your life-long memories of Caribou. I have known her 63 years and wish her the best of everything in the years to come.

Michael L. St. Peter
CHS Class of 1968
Spartanburg, S.C.