Local election results from Nov. 5

11 years ago

By Natalie De La Garza
Staff Writer

    In addition to the five state referendum questions, local voters voiced their opinions on municipal matters as well. The five bonds voters were asked to weigh in on were, question one, the Maine Army National Guard bond; question two, the University of Maine System bond; question three; the Transportation bond; question four, the Maine Maritime Academy bond, and question five, the Maine Community College System bond.

    Results from the Nov. 5 election are as follows.
    Voters in Caribou and Connor, whose polls are both at the Caribou Wellness and Recreation Center, yielded the following results:
    •    Question one: 611 yes, 539 no;
    •    Question two: 638 yes, 551 no;
    •    Question three: 772 yes, 385 no;
    •    Question four: 423 yes; 715 no;
    •    Question five: 727 yes, 427 no.
    Locally, Caribou voters elected four new city councilors, one new school board member and weighed in on three proposed charter amendments.
Caribou City Council
    •    In the three-person race for two three-year council seats, David Martin received 713 votes, Joan Theriault received 700 votes and James Cerrato received 423 votes.
    •    In the three-person race for two one-year seats on the Caribou City Council, Carol Pierson received 776 votes, Shane McDougall received 467 votes and Norma Milton received 458 votes.
RSU 39 School Board
    •    There were three candidates vying for a three-year seat on the RSU 39 board; Tanya Sleeper received 423 votes, Miles Williams received 378 votes and Phillip J. McDonough III received 279 votes.
Proposed Charter Amendments
    •    Voters approved amending the charter’s terms of office to begin the first business day in January, with 929 “yes” votes and 167 “no.”
    •    Voters approved an amendment to the charter that allows for a Caribou City Councilor to take all, a portion of, or none of their pay, with 823 “yes” votes and 273 “no.”
    •    Voters rejected an amendment to the charter that would have removed the requirement stipulating that a Caribou City Councilor must be current on all personal and real property taxes to serve on the City Council; there were 435 votes of “yes” and 671 votes of “no.”
    In Limestone, 247 voters turned out to cast their ballots.
    •    Question one: 134 yes, 111 no;
    •    Question two: 138 yes, 107 no;
    •    Question three: 171 yes, 72 no;
    •    Question four: 94 yes, 150 no;
    •    Question five: 152 yes, 94 no.
    Limestone residents were also asked to weigh in on whether or not the town should accept a gift from the Rotary Club of Limestone. The park was created by Rotarians, with the help of community members, by using a piece of land where a gas station burned down a few years ago.
    •    192 votes to accept the gift; 52 votes of no, and three ballots were blank.
New Sweden
    In New Sweden, 186 voters tallied in at the polls.
    •    Question one: 77 yes, 108 no;
    •    Question two: 96 yes, 89 no;
    •    Question three: 113 yes, 71 no;
    •    Question four: 57 yes, 127 no;
    •    Question five: 94 yes, 91 no.
    Abiding by a petitioned request, the voters also voiced their opinion on a local referendum question asking, “Are you in favor of closing the New Sweden School grades K-8?”
    •    86 votes of yes, 100 votes of no.
    In Woodland, 145 turned out to vote on the state bond questions.
    •    Question one: 66 yes, 78 no, 1 blank;
    •    Question two: 75 yes, 68 no, 2 blank;
    •    Question three: 89 yes, 56 no;
    •    Question four: 44 yes, 100 no, 1 blank;
    •    Question five: 78 yes, 66 no, 1 blank.