Seeking skiing photos

11 years ago

    CARIBOU — Dig out your photo albums and give them a good peruse, because your cherished memories may be the missing pieces of a historic project at the Caribou Wellness and Recreation Department.

    Under the knowledgeable watch of former Caribou Librarian Wendy Bosse, officials with the rec department are planning a hallway-spanning history of skiing in and around Caribou, encompassing the people and the places that gave skiing its rich cultural roots in the area.
    Specifically, officials are hoping that someone’s scrapbook or slide tray contains images of a few places around town: the Prestile Hill ski tow, the old ski tow on the Limestone Road, and the York Street ski tow. They’re also interested in any photos folks might have from the old ski marathon that started in Quebec and finished in Caribou.
    Project officials were quick to point out that people aren’t asked to part with their treasured photos — they can bring them to the Caribou recreation department, where employees can scan the documents into the computer for future use.
    Officials with the Caribou rec spend much of their winter weeks introducing area youths to the historic sport — they say which once served primarily as a mode of transportation rather than recreational activities.
    Folks who have historic skiing photos or questions about the project are asked to call 493-4224.