Star City ATV Club in line for $35,000 grant

11 years ago

Star City ATV Club in line for $35,000 grant

By Kathy McCarty
Staff Writer

    PRESQUE ISLE — The Star City ATV Club has a lot to be thankful for this fall, with a large grant in the works and the acquisition of a ‘new’ tractor to maintain trails and club property.

Staff photo/Kathy McCarty

    THE STAR CITY ATV CLUB has a ‘new’ tractor to maintain trails, following the recent purchase of this White tractor from Edgar LeBlanc. Here, Trailmaster Randy Michaud shows off the club’s recent purchase.

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    “We’re scheduled to get a $35,000 grant from the state. It’s a 70/30 split, with the club required to do 30 percent in-kind (matching funds, done through volunteer service by club members),” said Club President Dick Howlett.
    The money will go a long way in helping the organization improve area trails.
    “We’re redoing the Presque Isle to Easton trail. We’ve also been working on a bypass of Lance Lovely’s property along the CP trail, just off the Fort Road near the State Street Extension intersection,” he said.
    Howlett said because of the rain earlier this year, it’s been a slow process.
    “We hope to be done in a couple weeks,” said Howlett.
    In addition to the state grant, the club was also awarded $2,200 by the Presque Isle Rotary Club.
    “That money was used to put in a vault/privy at our clubhouse at Arnold Brook Lake. That way, when the clubhouse isn’t open, there’ll be a bathroom facility. That project is done,” said the club president.
    Howlett said the club is keeping record of all the volunteer hours, which will go toward the state grant.
    “The club will get reimbursed, through the grant, when we send in our worksheet with our hours listed,” said Howlett.
    Currently, the club has 75 family memberships. Howlett said it’s an active organization.
    “The Ultimate ATV Event was a success again this year. We also had a lot of fun with the CAA (Central Aroostook Agency) clients, giving them rides at the lake,” said Howlett.
    The club has also purchased a used tractor from Edgar LeBlanc.
    “The price was $10,000. We used $5,000 in club money as a down-payment and will pay Edgar $2,500 a year for the next two years, at no interest,” said Howlett.
    The unit had an eight-foot snow blade on back that was sold for $1,800. That money, according to Howlett, was put toward a new 10-foot blade.
    “That left us a balance of $4,300, which we paid,” said Howlett.
    Trailmaster Randy Michaud said the “new” machine has already been put to use.
    “It’s a White-brand tractor. We use it to drag the trails,” said Michaud.
    The club obtained the tractor in September and has been busy with it ever since.
    “We still have our little tractor for smaller projects — filling holes or whatever,” he said.
    “We’ll use the larger one on bigger projects and to spread dirt,” said Michaud, noting recently he and Roger Carmichael used the larger tractor to grade the trail to Washburn.
    “It runs great. When it’s time to store it for the winter, Edgar’s agreed to store it for us,” said Michaud.
    For more information on the club, visit their Facebook page.