Northern Maine Marines organize Meo Bosse Detachment

11 years ago
Contributed photo/Nicole Duplessis
    Hampy Fournier of Eagle Lake was one of the northern Maine U.S. Marines who signed the charter Saturday officially recognizing the establishment of the Caribou-based Meo Bosse Detachment, Marine Corps League on Saturday at the Chan Center in Caribou.

By Nicole Duplessis
Special to the Aroostook Republican

    CARIBOU — United States Marines from throughout Maine, as well as from out of state, were present Saturday to officially recognize the newly formed Meo Bosse Detatchment 1414 of the Marine Corps League.
    As Marines arrived at the Chan Center, so did their personal stories. Each Marine present wore their uniform with pride, and took on the duty of representing the Meo Bosse Detachment.

    The much-anticipated meeting began with the presentation of ID cards and membership pins to those Marines who signed the charter for the Meo Bosse Detachment. The charter is to be present at every meeting. After the presentation of these items, Richard Gore, a Danielson, Conn. Marine who serves the New England region as past division vice commandant, had a few words to say in regard to being a Marine.
    “We know what type of person it takes to get that title and we’re awful proud of it,” Gore said.
    The meeting came to no pause, and from here, the installation and presentation of the detachment took place. Gore read aloud the presentation letter, and then followed by calling forward all the soon-to-be members of the Meo Bosse Detachment 1414. Each member was sworn in and proudly became an official member of the Meo Bosse Detachment.
    “My job is to serve you. My job is to help you,” New England Division Vice Commandant Richard Harrington, said.
    Harrington, who traveled from Plainfield, Conn., took the podium next and assured all the Marines that if they had any questions, to just ask. He assured that it was his job to answer any questions or concerns or find someone who can. He then called up the officers of the Meo Bosse Detachment to be sworn in.
    Craig Faye was introduced as commandant of the Meo Bosse Detachment. After receiving his rank, he followed up with a few words for his group.
    “We’re going to run this charter and chapter and division like Marines,” Faye, said. “This is new for me, it’s an honor to be here and I will do the best I can.”
    Phil Bosse from U.S. Sen. Susan Collins office was present at the meeting and he said a few words in regard to the Meo Bosse Detachment and shared a letter from Sen. Collins as well. In his role as national junior vice commandant, Gore presented Bosse with a vial of sand from Red Beech on Iwo Jima for Sen. Collins.
    Sharon Campbell representing Sen. Angus King Jr.’s office and Barbara Hayslett from Congressman Michael Michaud’s office were also present at the meeting. Hayslett expressed her happiness towards the development of this detachment.
    Bill Flagg, representing Cary Medical Center, was also present and shared his personal experience as well as his best wishes for the new Detachment. Flagg has also volunteered to help the detachment with public relations.
    As the meeting came to a close, Faye made it known that not all officers of the Meo Bosse Detachment were present but will be sworn in at the next meeting. He also stressed that people spread the word and encourage other Marines to join. The next meeting will be held in January, and the date will be announced in the near future.

Contributed photo/Nicole Duplessis
    Representing the New England Division Marine Corps League, from left, past vice commandant Richard Gore, vice commandant Richard Harrington and Gary Laweryson, Maine Department legislate officer from Waldoboro, present a framed U.S. Marines photo to Commandant Craig Faye in honor of the formation of the Meo Bosse Detachment, serving northern Aroostook County.
Contributed photo/Nicole Duplessis
    Among those holding leadership positions in the Marine Corps League in attendance Saturday were, from left, George Schools, senior vice commandant of Houlton-based Aroostook County Marines, Detachment 1368; Craig Faye, commandant of the newly formed Meo Bosse Detachment in Caribou; Edward Lake, commandant of the Houlton group; Gary Laweryson, Maine Department legislate officer of Waldoboro; Richard Gore, past New England Division vice commandant of Danielson, Conn.; and Richard Harrington, NE division vice commandant of Plainfield, Conn.