Libby and Tilley recognized for extinguishing fire

10 years ago

Libby and Tilley

recognized for extinguishing fire

By Christie Cochran
Special to The Star-Herald

    Two Washburn residents have been recognized by the 126th Legislature with Legislative Sentiments presented by Rep. Alexander R. Willette (R-Mapleton) and Co-sponsored by Sen. Troy D. Jackson (D-Allagash).

Photo courtesy of Christie Cochran

    CITIZENS RECOGNIZED — Attending the presentation of the Legislative Sentiments awarded to Alton Tilley and Derek Libby for their actions in putting out a fire at a Main Street structure were, from left: Andy White, owner of White’s Service Station and the building where the fire took place; Alton Tilley, Derek Libby and Rep. Alexander Willette.


    The two citizens, Derek Libby and Alton Tilley, were instrumental in putting out a fire in October 2013 in the annex garage of White’s Service Station, in Washburn, owned by Andy White and his family. A tenant of the upstairs apartment was home at the time, and the actions of both Tilley and Libby possibly prevented a tragedy. Owner Andy White expressed his thanks and appreciation and also noted these acts certainly deserved some official recognition for both men.
    The members of the Senate and House of Representatives joined in recognizing Tilley and Libby, sending both men their appreciation for their acts of heroism as well as the best wishes and thanks on behalf of the 126th Legislature.
    The documents were signed by the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House.