State Park’s Family Fun Day is ‘good old-fashioned fun’

10 years ago

State Park’s Family Fun Day

is ‘good old-fashioned fun’

To the editor:
    On behalf of my entire family, I would like to say a huge thank you to all those from Aroostook State Park for the absolutely unforgettable Family Fun Day that we had on Saturday. Not only was it an absolutely beautiful day weather-wise, but it was such great fun.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Rogeski

    SCENIC RIDE — Taking advantage of a snowmobile tote ride during the recent Family Fun Day at Aroostook State Park are, from left, Amanda Butler, her two daughters Madison Perry and Hailee Perry, and Stasi Rogeski.


    We got there early and started out by visiting the animals “on the snowbank,” a wonderful display of woodland creatures including bear, fox, owl, and more. There were even displays on how to tell what kind of creature has been in your back yard by the “things they leave behind” (not just footprints!). The park staff at the table spent a great deal of time with the children explaining everything and letting them work the “loon call” — it was fascinating.
    Then it was off to the sliding hill, where even Grandma made a few trips down the big hill. Lots of screams of excitement could be heard all day long. From atop the sliding hill, we could see a crew shoveling off a nice big ice skating rink on the lake, and snowmobiles preparing for the snowmobile “tote rides.” That was to be our next adventure.
    We took a long ride all around the lake behind the snowmobile, getting some clever tour guide information from our driver, it was great fun. Then it was time for a snack, Wow, talk about food, the lovely ladies inside had everything from chili, mac and cheese, soups, hot dogs and every sweet you ever heard of inside, along with coffee and hot chocolate. Lunch really hit the spot and off we went to see what else we could find to keep us busy.
    My granddaughter Stasi, who is just 5, had the opportunity to try cross-country skis for the very first time and she loved it. Her mom and dad went with her, while big sister, age 7 and grandma went to try their hand at snowshoeing.
    It was great to be in the great outdoors enjoying the fresh air and good times with family. Aroostook State Park and all of its team of helpers deserve a lot of praise for bringing this event to the families of the Presque Isle area. It not only showed us all the wonderful activities that Aroostook State Park has to offer, but it brought hundreds of families together for a day of “good old fashioned fun,” something we surely don’t have enough of these days in our busy lives.
    So, from our family, thank you so much! We can’t wait until next year!

Nancy Rogeski
Fort Fairfield