Boyd catches largest lake trout in derby

10 years ago

The Moosestompers Ice Fishing Derby made its resurgence after a two-year absence and is on the schedule to be an annual event once again.

Chris Putnam and Ellsworth Malone(and probably a few others) organized the fishing derby, which drew 200 anglers, which was better participation than expected with the stormy weather and since the derby was the same time as the Island Falls Fishing Derby and other Moosestompers activities in Houlton.
First place in the togue division went to Mariah Boyd, 26.5 inches, 5.41 pounds and second, Al Cowperthwaite, 23.65 inches, 4.08 pounds.
Frank Austin took first place in the trout division with a 21-inch brown trout, weighing 3.5 pounds and Wayne McGary was second with a 19.5 inch, 2.54 pound prize.
In the pickerel category, first place, Annette Tidd, 21.75 inches, 2.26 pounds and second, Kendra Kneeland, 22 inches, 2.21 pounds.
Curtis Harrison reeled in a half-pound perch that was seven-and-one-quarter-inch long, while Kaitlyn Austin won the under 12 age division with a fish 23 and five-eighths inches, 3.16 pounds.
Next year, the fishing derby will be held the first weekend in February, instead of the third.
“Fishing is better the first week,” explained Putnam. “We are also thinking about a percentage of the ticket sales to be used as prizes, but we will still have door prizes, as well.”