City’s website provides smoother access to more information

10 years ago

City’s website

provides smoother access to more information

    PRESQUE ISLE — City officials have announced the launch of the new municipal website:

    The new website is the product of departmental research and response to citizen suggestions and requests.
    By updating the website, city officials sought to make citizens’ online access to government easier to find, easier to navigate and easier to share. The website’s URL is changing from to the new site. The links generated from individual pages within the website will be shorter and easier to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visitors to the website will also be able to locate events, updates and services more quickly and easily, and in a more visually appealing environment.
    The city selected TownSquare Media as its website vendor.
    Government transparency and online convenience for citizens are of utmost importance to the city.
    The new website and URL seek to address both these issues by providing smoother access to greater information. Public feedback is encouraged and appreciated.