Chicken barbecue in Portage

9 years ago


by Susan Feeney-Hopkins

    The Portage Lake ATV Club will be holding their annual Chicken BBQ this Saturday, July 19 from 4-6 p.m. at the town Pavilion.
The menu will be barbecued chicken, salads, chips, biscuits and a drink. The cost is $8 for adults and $5 for children.
In the event of rain, the event will be held on Sunday, July 20. All proceeds benefit the Portage Lake ATV Club.

Oxbow Music Festival

    Oxbow Plantation will once again be hosting the Oxbow Music Fest at Mystic Acres Campground on the Oxbow Road. The music is set to begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 19 and runs throughout the day and evening. Bluegrass, country and gospel style music are played in an old-time, open stage, field picking fashion.
Guests and attendees are encouraged to bring their instruments to join in and enjoy a great time. Bring your own chairs and blankets to sit on. Take out food is provided by the Quick Stop 2. Contact Chet Rafford (after 5 p.m.) for more information 435-6662.

Scouting News

    The Ashland Area Cub Scout Pack 179 recently celebrated the promotion of three Cub Scouts to the rank of Boy Scout. The Pack welcomed family members to their meeting for this special event. A special 4-Directions gathering skit was performed, where a boy from each Den — Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos — recited a short welcome from a compass point.
The Dens took turns telling what they’ve been working on. Dylan Stedman, a Tiger in first grade, showed a picture of a tree, birds and fox that he drew while working on his Art belt loop. The fourth- and fifth-grade Webelos group serenaded the guests as part of their “Showman” pin requirement.
The highlight of the evening was the Arrow of Light and Crossing Over ceremonies. Gabe Page and Blayne Boutot, both of Portage Lake, and Creed Chasse of Ashland received the Arrow of Light award, the highest award given in Cub Scouts and the only Cub Scout patch that may be worn on a Boy Scout uniform. They were presented with an arrow by their parents as a symbol of achievement.
With the help of the Boy Scouts from Troop 179, the three young men then participated in a Crossing Over ceremony where they were presented with their new Boy Scout handbooks, neckerchiefs and lapels.
According to Tiger Scouts Dylan Stedman and Chance Sawyer, “there was lots and lots of cake and ice cream afterwards” and the ceremony was “awesome” and “cool.” The two boys agree they’ll achieve the Arrow of Light award and become Boy Scouts some day as well.
As special contributors to this Scouting News update, Dylan has finished his last requirement to earn his Tiger Cub badge and Chance is on his way to earning his first requirement as a brand new Cub Scout. Congratulations boys!

World Acadian Congress Banner Contest

    The World Acadian Congress is sponsoring a banner decorating contest. Participants will design their own banner with pre-packaged materials in the Acadian colors of red, white, blue and yellow. The entry fee is $20 and includes banner materials and directions.
These are not flags but banners such as a family crest, an image from the community, etc.
On August 4th one winner will be chosen from each participating CMA community. There is no age limit or skill requirements. Banners will be judged on originality, creativity and workmanship. The banners will be first displayed and judged locally and then all banners will be displayed at the Madawaska Multi-Purpose Building for the August 15th World Acadian Congress celebrations.
Call your local town office to inquire about the banner contest.
    Susan Feeney-Hopkins is the correspondent for Ashland, Portage Lake, Oxbow, Masardis, Garfield, Nashville Plantation and the surrounding areas. She can be reached at 227-7760 or