Michaud takes 2nd in Cary tourney

9 years ago

    CARIBOU, Maine — The 31st annual Cary Classic Benefit Golf Tournament drew some outstanding golf talent to the Caribou Country Club for the two-day medal play tournament.
   Drenched in sunshine for the entire weekend, some 70 golfers competed for more than $8,000 in prizes.

    Steve Clark of Caribou and a past winner of the Cary Classic, was the tournament champion with a 36-hole gross score of 153. Ralph Michaud of Presque Isle finished second with a gross score of 158.

    For the fourth year in a row, and the fifth time overall, Emily Jose of the Caribou Country Club took the top spot for the ladies play with a gross score of 174, followed by Lupita Albert of Fort Kent in second with a 178.

    The top three in each of the divisions of play were as follows:

    Men’s Div. I gross: first, Clark, 153; second, Michaud, 158; and third, Steve Gagnon, 159.

     Men’s Div. I net: first, Sam Townsend, 144; second, Brent Hatchard, 146; and third, Beaulieu, 148.

    Men’s Div. II gross: first, Bruce Fitzpatrick, 171; second, Treu, 179; and third, Harold Tardy, 181.

    Men’s Div. II net: first, Mike Gagnon, 151; second, Mark Desmond, 152; and third, Greg Dickinson, 155.

    Men’s Div. III gross: first, Dale Plourde, 174; second, Norm Collins, 176; and third, Donovan Savage, 179.

    Men’s Div. III net: first, Rick Hallowell, 180; second, Hobart Kemp, 181; and third, Bob Anderson, 183.

    Men’s Div. IV gross: first, Shawn Savage, 181; second, Mike Beaulieu, 186; and third, David LaFlamme, 195.

    Men’s Div. IV net: first, Tyler Dombroski, 145; second, Rick Theriault, 148; and third, Bill Hochholzer, 149

   Ladies Div. I gross: first, Jose, 174; second, Albert, 178; and third, Jane Hochholzer, 184.

    Ladies Div. I net: first, Michaud, 142; second, Kemp, 150; and third, Judy Dombroski, 154.

    Ladies Div. II gross: first, Jesse Thompson, 193; second, Kris Doody, 211; and third, Stephanie Flagg, 278.

    Ladies Div. II net: first, Janice Beaulieu, 154; and second, Reanna Plourde, 162.