Cary Births – March & June 2014

10 years ago

The following births were recently announced at Cary Medical Center:
 O’Neal – A girl, Grace Lynn Rita O’Neal born to Kyla Caron and Ryan O’Neal of Van Buren on March 18.

Worster – A boy, Titan Orion Worster born to Michelle Greene and Jack Worster of Connor Township on March 19.
Rouse – A girl, Molly Ann Rouse born to Lauren and Tom Rouse of Houlton on March 20.
Giggey – A boy, Jayden Daniel Thomas Giggey born to Casey Morrow and Dustin Giggey Sr. of Caswell on March 21.
Pierce – A girl, Analiese Izabella Hope Pierce born to Marianne and Jonathan Pierce of Presque Isle on March 21.
Boutot – A girl, Aleah Ann Boutot born to Mindy Chamberland and Shawn Boutot of Frenchville on March 21.
Caron – A boy, Kason Lance Caron born to Lanae Denslow and Lance Caron of Presque Isle on June 11.
Frazier – A boy, Eli John Frazier born to Kyrah Kyle and Eric Frazier of Caribou on June 11.
Scheurwater – A boy, Chase Declan Michael Scheurwater born to Erica Leigh Doody and Jerald Eugene Scheurwater of Caribou on June 11.