Two races remain in Aroostook Musterds’ County Challenge Series

10 years ago

 The County Challenge Series is beyond the midway point, with Curtis Wheeler and Nicole Hanscom the overall leaders through the first four races.
Results from the July 19 Maine Potato Blossom Festival 5-Miler in Fort Fairfield had not been figured in at presstime.
Races remaining are the County Open Half Marathon in Island Falls Aug. 16 and the Caribou Labor Day 8K Road Race on Sept. 11.
Standings are as follows:
Men’s overall: first, Wheeler, 29 points; second, Chris Rines, 25; and third, P.J. Gorneault, 22; ages 14-and-under: first, Daniel Randolph, 20; second, Trace Cyr, 17; and third, (tie) Dustin Alward and Evan Desmond, 11; age 15-18: first, Lucas Kinney, 31; second, Trevor Levesque, 22; and third, (tie) Chathu Karunasiri and Mitchell St. Peter, 13.
Ages 19-29: first, Rines, 34; second, Wheeler, 31; and third, Bradley Burlock, 15; ages 30-39: first (tie) Gorneault and Shawn Berry, 22; third, Evan Graves, 18; ages 40-49: first, Craig Dubay, 33; second, George Ferland, 26; and third, Robert Losieniecki, 18; ages 50-59: first, Leo Kashian, 44; second, Brent Bailey, 21; and third, Carl Soderberg, 18; ages 60-69: first, Ed Malone, 29; second, Larry Tonzi, 22; and third, Roy Alden, 17; ages 70 and older: first, Art Thompson, 11.
Women’s overall: first, Hanscom, 26; second, Kim Wright, 22; and third, Angela Ewings, 21; ages 14-and-under: first, Teagan Ewings, 33; second, Libby Moreau, 11; and third, (tie) Emily Austin, Grace Bemis and Maddy Jandreau, 9; ages 15-19: first, Rylee Warman, 20; second, Madeline Gudde, 18; and third, Sarah Doak, 11.
Ages 19-29: first, Katie Keaton, 18; second, Paige Doody, 15; and third, Annie Collins, 14; ages 30-39: first, Hanscom, 27; second, Amanda Cushman, 20; and third, Cindy Leclerc, 18; ages 40-49: first, Ewings, 42; second, Emily Dow, 14; and third, (tie) Lisa McKenna and Rosalea Kimball, 11; ages 50-59: first, Kim Wright, 33; second, Janice Wright, 11; and third, (tie) Barbara Hayslett and Gretchen Fitzpatrick, 9; ages 60-69: first, Connie McLellan, 11.
Walkers: first, (tie) Janna Shaw, Michelle Bragdon and Amanda Roberts, 11.