Show ‘n Shine winners listed

Gloria Austin, Special to The County
10 years ago

The weather was sunny and bright during the 15th annual Show n’ Shine event held at the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum in Littleton the last of August.
The event drew a number of vintage automobiles to pickups and more.

Results are as follows:
Pre ‘50s: First, Ken Stahnke, 1947 Chrysler; second, Wayne Campbell, 1916 Model T Ford; and third, Wayne Campbell, 1926 Model T Snowmobile.
1950s: First, Dave and Bev Clark, 1955 Chevy Belair; second, Bob and Nancy Driscoll, 1956 Chevy 210; and third, Fred and Yvonne Cormier, 1951 GMC Panel.
1960s: First, Bonnie Folsom, 1964 Chevy SS Impala; second, Larry Fletcher, 1963 and a half Ford Galaxy; and third, Jim Chandler, 1965 Buick Grand Sport.
1970s: First, Albert Raymond, 1970 Plymouth Road Runner; second, Mike and Shellie Murchie, 1973 Chevy Camaro; and third, Pauline Chamberlain, 1974 Dodge.
1980s: First, Paula and Randy Mulherin, 1986 Chevy; second, Ann Cassidy, 1984 Monte Carlo; and third, Charlene McAvoy, 1988 Cutlass.
1990s to current: First, Kevin and Cindy Goodine, 2014 Challenger Shaker; second, Paula and Randy Mulherin, 2001 Chevy; and third, Paul Fitzgerald, 2014 Challenger.
Muscle Cars: First, Frank Desjardins, 1971 Chevelle SS and second, Ron Deon, 1967 Pontiac GTO.
Street Rods: First, Paul Hasselman, 1932 Chevy Coupe; second, Alain Genesse, 1929 Ford Roadster; and third, Charles Lane, 1927 Dodge Street Rod.
Mustangs: First, Terry Munn, 1970 Ford Mustang; second, George Knorr, 1969 Mustang; and third, Joshua Ford, 2005 Mustang GT.
Pickups 1973 and older: First, Joe and Becky Laughlin, 1954 Chevy; second, Todd and Sandra Grass, 1941 Chevy half ton; and third, Reid Campbell, 1936 Ford.
Pickups 1974 and newer: First, Josh Murchie, 2002 GMC Sierra; second, John Taylor, 1990 GMC step side and third, Lane Cole, 1978 Dodge.
Foreign: First, Sherry Whelden, 2002 Mitsu; second, James Smith, 1970 Porsche; and third, Fred Putnam, 2002 Porsche.
Special Interest: First, George Pettit, 54 Willy; second, Jeff Campbell, 1965 Volkswagon Dune Buggy; and third, James Sholler, 1945 Chevy two-tone.
Convertibles; First, Dorothy Connell, 1966 Pontiac LeMans; second, Eugene McLean, 1969 Ford Mustang; and third, Bliss and Brenda Kay, 1966 Ford Fairlane.
Corvettes: First, Terry Wade, 1968 Corvette Sting Ray; second, Marty and Deana King, 1976 Corvette; and third, Gary Caron, 2009 Chevrolet.
Camaros: First, Tony Bowers, 1967 Camaro convertible and second, Rick Pitchuck, 1991 Chevy.
Under Construction: First, Scott Wilson, 1941 Dodge; second, Keith and Sheila Murchie, 1938 Chevy Rat Rod; and third, Carl Delong, 1976 Ford.
Motorcycles: First, Joe Botting, 2003 Custom Chopper; second, Paula and Randy Mulherin, 2007 Yamaha; and third, Norman Plourde, 1995 Honda Goldwing side car.
Four-door cruisers: First, Jerry Peils, 1957 Chevy Belair; second, Steve and Linda Hartford, 1958 Edsel; and third, Vinton Cassidy, 1955 Chevy.
Kid’s Stuff: First, Able Murchie, fire engine pedal car; second, Caflana Jones Murchie, 2014 Chevy Camaro SS; and third, Steven Shaw, 1957 Ford Covier.
Antique Tractors: First, Elsie Hagerman.
Special Awards were also presented to Mitchell and Kylie Saucier for their 2007 Dodge and the People’s Choice went to Cole Lane with his 2005 Dodge. Moses Otis won the car seat and the winner of the teeter-totter with 3.4 seconds was Ron Wilcox.