Wake up America, smell the coffee

9 years ago

To the editor:
As I sit and think of the many past years and elections, I have set and said or done nothing. I feel I have let my friends, neighbors and country down by not being a voice for what is right and just in the sight of our God.

For too many years, (too many to count), we all let things slide by or just happen without raising our voices. We had Roe v. Wade, the killing of unwanted life. Just look the other way and don’t get involved. I read that there have been over 50 million babies aborted or killed since it started and we thought that the holocaust was bad in World War II, (and it was).
Now, comes same sex marriage and the alternate lifestyle or whatever they call it. Don’t get me wrong, I love them even though I don’t agree with or like it being pushed down my throat. But be careful don’t rock the boat, don’t say anything against it. Even though you don’t agree with it, you know they will call you a hate person. My father had a saying, “You call them as you see them”. But today you have to be politically correct. Come on people, let’s get real! If you think your way of life and church can’t come under attack, think again. These special interest and racial groups will not stop till we make a united stand.
A government that takes it upon themselves to redefine marriage is dangerously close to considering not God, but itself as the almighty. Don’t get caught in the smoke screen of fighting with each other. The word says, “My sheep know my voice and no other will they follow”. Know your enemy, stand for what you believe in.
Now as we draw closer to the election I would challenge you to know what the men and women running for office stand for and what they have done and how they have voted on things in the past. If you are one of God’s children get involved, get off the fence. You count, you are important. You get alone with your God whether it is in a church, on some beautiful lake or just walking in the beautiful foliage of the time of year. Listen to that still small voice inside of you.
Stand up and be counted. Register and vote!

David L. Cyr
Presque Isle