Poliquin for Congress makes fiscal sense

9 years ago

To the editor:
On November 4, we have an opportunity to vote for a candidate for U.S. Congress representing Maine’s 2nd District. In my opinion, there is a clear choice in Bruce Poliquin. I am supporting Bruce because I am concerned with what the future holds for our children, grandchildren and generations to follow as a result of fiscal irresponsibility in Washington, D.C., and I believe Bruce has all the attributes necessary to address these financial challenges.

I trust Bruce’s judgment, integrity, work ethic and his ability to reach solutions to complex problems. I also appreciate Bruce’s ability to work with others and was very impressed with how he managed the fiscal issues facing Maine when he served very capably as our State Treasurer.
In addition, Bruce is the only candidate in this election who for three and one-half decades has demonstrated a commitment to fiscal conservatism in both the private and public sectors, and the guts to stand up to those who don’t take financial accountability seriously.
The time is now for us to elect a member of Congress representing Maine’s 2nd District who has the experience, intelligence, and commitment to making a lasting difference not only now, but for future generations. An added plus to Bruce’s professional qualifications is he has common sense and a strong sense of family values that we all treasure in Maine’s 2nd District.
Bruce Poliquin will represent us very well in Congress.

Brian N. Hamel
Presque Isle