Cary Library Corner

9 years ago

    Editor’s note: The following article is a synopsis written by staff members and volunteers of the Cary Public Library highlighting one of the suggested reading books, as determined by their staff.
    “Tuesday Tucks Me In” by Luis Carlos Montalvan is one of those wonderful non-fiction children’s books that tugs at your heart, gives hope to those with afflictions, and highlights the bonds, which develop with
humans and animals especially dogs. Tuesday is the canine service dog. Luis suffers from post-traumatic brain injury and traumatic brain injury after service in Iraq.

    Did you realize service dogs might begin their training as early as three days old? Thorough training might take up to two years. Wonderful clear, colored pictures show Tuesday and Luis as they go about their days with text explaining just what is happening. Chuckles might be involved with the picture of Tuesday and the fire hydrant.
    Other text tells of visiting veterans’ hospitals, Luis’s feelings and how Tuesday helps him cope with stresses. Luis has some snazzy red plaid pajamas (suppose from LLBean?) and when Tuesday tucks Luis in bed, he stays very close by just in case Luis might have another nightmare.
    A truly timely story, published in 2014, showing love, trust and value of adaptations for wounded soldiers. We hope it warms your heart as it did ours.
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