Joelene and Candy

FS-HalfwayHome-dcx-arshpt-19Contributed photo
    Joelene and Candy came to Halfway Home Pet Rescue from a feral colony of about 18 to 20 cats living on the Colby Siding Road in Woodland. Their responsible caretaker/feeder, Joel Violette, has built them several warm shelters to survive the northern Maine winter and feeds them faithfully every day. Violette recently partnered with Halfway Home Pet Rescue via SpayMaine/Cleo Fund to have the entire colony spayed/neutered. Candy and Joelene are only about 6 months old and, therefore, HHPR volunteers will attempt to tame them for adoption in home situations; the older adult cats were returned to their Woodland shelters near Violette. Because of the cat colony’s lifetime association with a kind feeder they appear to be less feral than most cats in feral colonies. For more information on spaying barn and feral colonies as well as privately owned cats, contact 999-1075 for HHPR or 207 809-5116 for SpayMaine’s dedicated hotline.