Aroostook League names spring sport selections

9 years ago

The Aroostook League has developed an awards program for their member schools to recognize as “All-Aroostook” for their accomplishments during their sports seasons.
Team sports All-Aroostook – soccer, basketball, cheering, baseball, softball, and tennis are selected by the coaches, while individual sports All-Aroostook cross country, golf, alpine and nordic skiing, swimming and track are selected by criteria established by the Aroostook League.

Athletes are awarded an All-Aroostook certificate at their spring sports award assemblies by the coaches of their various sports.

Athletes selected as all-stars are as follows:

Class B/C Baseball
Caribou, Gunner Bondeson, Dustin Bouchard, Tyler Dombroski, Mason Huck, and Mike Hunter. Fort Kent, Trevor Carter and Anthony Desjardins. Houlton, Ryan Dee, Jake Drew, Dan Howe, and Billy Phillips. Madawaska, Craig Gendreau. Presque Isle, Ben Buckley, Sam Gray, Cooper Madore, Caleb Nadeau, and Andrew Paterson.

Class D Baseball
Ashland, Cody Blair and Ben Vaughan. East Grand/GHCA, Jim Schuurman. Fort Fairfield, Jon Bernard, Carter Bruce, and Dalton Cassidy. Hodgdon, Dillan Buzzell, Jimmy Buzzell, and Sam Horton. Katahdin, Shey Lane, Todd (TJ) Young. Limestone/MSSM, Sam Kupiec and Gordon McCulloh. Southern Aroostook, Gage LeFay, Joshua Perrin, and Parker Walker. Washburn, Noah Caron, Noah Farley, and Jarett Olson. Wisdom, Kevin Chamberland and Chance Gervais.

Class B/C Softball
Caribou, Jaelynn Doody, Bria Judd, Morgan Outing, Katie Pelletier, and Rachel Soucy. Fort Kent, Sadie Desjardins and Kendra Raymond. Houlton, Emma Gallop, Tyra Gentile, Kristen Graham, Emma Peterson, and Elisabeth Ward. Madawaska, Aspen Cote and Gabby Cyr. Presque Isle, Hailey Cameron, Kelsey Gilson, Jordi Legassie, and Megan Seward.

Class D Softball
Ashland, Marissa Chasse, Caitlin Paradis, and Cassidy Pelletier. Central Aroostook, Whitnie Bradbury and Karli Levesque. East Grand/GHCA, Allison McEwen, Sarah Stoddard, and Chelsea Winiarski. Fort Fairfield, Taylor Churchill, Autumn Parady, and Chelsey Pelkey. Hodgdon, Rachel Harmon and Hannah Sherman. Katahdin, Molly Cunningham, Kelsey Hamm, and Georgia Landry. Limestone/MSSM, Kassee Albert, Elly Bencivenga, Jackie Peers, and Maddy Williams. Southern Aroostook, Marissa Boulier and Katelyn Stevens. Washburn, Mikayla Churchill, Joan Overman, and Mackenzie Worcester. Wisdom, Tyra Michaud and Vanesa Pelletier.

Track Events – Boys
Caribou, Evan Desmond, Apollo Grondin, Cory Jandreau, Chathu Karunasiri, Lukas Lagasse, Richard Newland, Mitchell St. Peter and Elijah Verhoff. Fort Fairfield, Colin Goshorn and Johnny Theriault. Fort Kent, Matt Toussaint. Houlton, Isiah Brown. Washburn, Devon Maynard.

Field Events – Boys
Caribou, Austin Griffeth. Houlton, Josh Upton. Limestone/MSSM, Cole Butler. Presque Isle, Keeghan Lowe.

Track and Field Events – Boys
Caribou, Dominick Judd. Fort Fairfield, Caleb Daigle. Houlton, Austin Brown. Limestone/MSSM, Grier Ostermann. Presque Isle, Connor Murchison. Washburn, Kenzy Ronco. Emery Plourde 2015 Track Champion Award: Caleb Daigle, Fort Fairfield.

Track Events – Girls
Caribou, Simona Amerio, Maria Espinosa, JoJo Fields, and Madeline Gudde. Fort Kent, Jordan Tanguay. Houlton, Emily Mooers. Limestone/MSSM, Eva Farkas. Presque Isle, Emily Colligan and Mandy Graham.

Field Events – Girls
Caribou, Sarah Draper and Kaitlyn Ring. Fort Fairfield, Teresa Maynard. Presque Isle, Regan Nelson.

Track & Field Events – Girls
Caribou, Sarah Doak, Kendra Furber, Nerissa Larrabee, and Eileen Patton. Fort Kent, Danielle Pelletier. Houlton, Natalie Hill. Presque Isle, Tori Koch. Washburn, Joan Overman. Howard Lello 2015 Track Champion Award: Tori Koch, Presque Isle.

Tennis Singles – Boys
Caribou, Brendan Cyr and Michael Marquis. Fort Kent, Ryan Chasse. Houlton, Christian Crane. Madawaska, Lucas Gendreau. Presque Isle, Chase Norton. Van Buren, Thomas Lajoie.

Tennis Doubles – Boys
Caribou, Alec Cyr and Austin Scott. Fort Kent, Micah Charette and Niko Naranja. Houlton, Isaiha Littleton and Owen Gallup. Presque Isle, Denny Young and Alex Brewer.

Tennis Singles – Girls
Caribou, Makayla Bouchard and Gabrielle Marquis. Fort Kent, Alexa Pelletier. Houlton, Tessa Winship. Madawaska, Alexis Cote. Presque Isle, Hilary Boucher. Van Buren, Felisha Bouchard and Courtney Parent.

Tennis Doubles – Girls
Caribou, Ashley Matlock and Ciara Richards. Fort Kent, Cassidy Lovely and Kassidy McLeod. Houlton, Emma Hines and Becca Mooers. Van Buren, Alexis Ouellette and Isabel Parent.