Two races remain in Challenge Series

     Six of the events making up the County Challenge Road Racing Series have been completed, with Curtis Wheeler of New Sweden and Thomas Beckum of Caribou tied for the lead in the men’s standings and Angela Ewings of Littleton the women’s overall leader so far.

     Results for the first five races have been compiled, with the County Open Half Marathon not included in the rankings.

     The final two races in the series are the half-marathon component of Maine Running Festival, to be held Aug. 30 in Presque Isle, and the Caribou Labor Day Road Race, set for Sept. 7 in Caribou.

     Standings are as follows:

     Men’s overall: first (tie), Wheeler and Beckum, 31 points; third, Justin Fereshetian, 27; ages 14-and-under: first, Evan Desmond, 39; second, Kyle Boucher, 20; and third, George G. Ferland, Jr., 16; age 15-18: first, Trevor Levesque, 27; second (tie), Isaiah Brown and Mitchell St. Peter, 20.

     Ages 19-29: first, Wheeler, 31; second, Fereshetian, 29; and third, Doug Bailey, 15; ages 30-39: first, Beckum, 42; Johnson, 37; and third, Evan Graves, 22; ages 40-49: first, Steve Desmond, 40; second, George H. Ferland, 23; and third, Bob McHatten, 19; ages 50-59: first, Brent Bailey, 32; second, Carl Soderberg, 22; and third, Paul Lamoreau, 20; ages 60-69: first, Roy Alden, 20; second, Larry Tonzi, 11; and third, Peter Stanley, 9.

     Women’s overall: first, Angela Ewings, 36; second, Teagan Ewings, 29; and third, Gabrielle Wheeler, 22; ages 14-and-under: first, Teagan Ewings, 44; second (tie), Maren Moir, Kayley Bell and Madison Jandreau, 9; ages 15-19: first, Madeline Gudde, 20; second, Julie Page, 13; and third (tie), Sarah Doak, Emily Dickison and Madeline Johnson, 11.

      Ages 19-29: first, Alyssa Dougherty, 16; second (tie), Gabrielle Naranja, Wheeler and Julie Lunn, 11; ages 30-39: first, Rene Gorneault, 20; second, Stephanie Coffin, 13; and third (tie), Julie Bouchard, Nicole Hanscom and Tracy Guerrette, 11; ages 40-49: first, Ewings, 55; second (tie), Angela Hannigan, Ellen Bemis, Mary Potter and Michelle Soucy, 9; ages 50-59: first, Susie Schloeman, 29; second (tie), Bev Clark and Anna Bernard, 11; ages 60-69: first (tie), Connie McLellan and Debra Scott, 11.