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RARE FIND — Houlton Pioneer Times reader Marissa Egenstafer of Littleton found this rare gem, a copy of The Aroostook Times dated Oct. 13, 1915 while renovating a home on Pearce Avenue in Houlton. This paper, along with several copies of other newspapers, were found underneath a carpet. The top stories on the front page included topics of how to be sure you are using the best eggs; the effects of prohibition in Russia; and do ideals survive marriage? 

100 Years Ago – October 20, 1915

Not a nation of singers — In this country, though we have produced many fine voices, we have never become a nation of singers. There are, it is true, in most of the leading cities, choral societies, but the singing of large groups of people is comparatively uncommon among us. Here is a matter for regret, for among all large bodies of singers where there have been more or less training the effect is beautiful and inspiring. In fact, there are few things in music more impressive than the singing of hundreds of voices.

75 Years Ago – October 17, 1940

Church services — Worship times are listed for the following local churches: Court Street Baptist, Houlton Methodist, Congregational, Church of the Good Shepherd, the Salvation Army, Christian Science, Military Street Baptist, St. Mary’s, and Alliance Gospel Temple.

Rent a book — Art Novelty Shop offers book renting for three cents a day, and offer the latest fiction (including mystery), nonfiction, and biography.

50 Years Ago – October 14, 1965

New members rejected — Voters of SAD 29 rejected by a heavy margin Monday the admission of five new towns into the school district. The voting was decisive in Houlton and Monticello, and almost unanimous in Littleton and Hammond. Seeking admission into the SAD were Amity, Cary, Linneus, Ludlow, and New Limerick.

To receive beanies — Students from all classes will participate in Ricker Classical Institute’s annual freshmen initiation activities that will begin Monday with the distribution of beanies and conclude Friday, October 22, with an induction ceremony and informal dance.

25 Years Ago – October 14, 1990

Home Movies — There were two prevailing schools of thought. The kids loved it, bought tickets at the speed of light, made it the No. 1 movie in the country for four straight weeks; the critics hated it, said it was a 95-minute commercial for action toys and Domino’s pizza, blasted its misrepresentation of the martial arts, and raided their Rogets to find a non-profane word stronger than “crap”. The movie that created two such polarized views was, of course, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

St. Mary’s Cougars — We are back from harvest break and have had 23 days of kindergarten. We reviewed letters A, B, C, and D last week. We learned the song If you’re Happy and You Know It.”