Ways to report sports results for the newspaper

9 years ago

With the winter sports season now underway, The Houlton Pioneer Times is seeking the help of area coaches in reporting results in a timely manner. There are often more games than people available to cover on any given night, making it impossible for the newspaper to be at every home game. Therefore, the newspaper requests that coaches submit their game results as soon as possible after each contest, regardless if it is a home or an away contest.

The newspaper strives for excellence in its reporting and we rely on the coaches or managers to send in results so that their teams get the coverage they deserve.

For basketball, coaches should report the following information: final score; score at the quarter breaks; point scorers for both teams; any pertinent statistics (rebounds, steals, assists, blocks), number of free throws attempted and made; number of three-point shots made by the team; any outstanding individual efforts should be noted and any comments on the game itself are also welcome. Box scores are also welcome.

For hockey, coaches should submit: final score; who scored goals for both teams (and the times those goals were scored); who tallied assists; shots on goal for both teams; and goalie saves for each squad. Coaches comments on how the team played or individual comments are also welcomed.

There are a variety of ways coaches can send their information into the newspaper. Results can be faxed to 532-2403, phoned in to Houlton Pioneer Times (532-2282); or e-mailed to Joseph Cyr at jcyr@pioneertimes-me.com. E-mail is perhaps the best way to ensure that your game results are received, as a reply will be sent confirming they arrived.