Washburn brother and sister are point guards for UMA squads

8 years ago

Washburn brother and sister
are point guards for UMA squads

    AUGUSTA, Maine If you attended the most recent UMA women’s basketball game at the Augusta Civic Center, you probably saw a player with the last name Bragg wearing number 12 and running the floor for the University of Maine at Augusta women’s basketball team.

    If you stayed for the nightcap, you probably saw a second player with the last name Bragg wearing number 12 and running the floor for the UMA men’s team.
No, you’re not seeing things.
That’s just the brother and sister combo of Carmen and Nick Bragg from Washburn, doing what they do best for the respective Moose basketball teams. Carmen is in her sophomore campaign and serves as a captain for the women’s team, while brother Nick is in his first season. Nick has joined the Moose this fall as a junior having graduated with an associate’s degree in computer electronics from Northern Maine Community College in Presque Isle last spring.
The siblings, close in age and in interests, are separated by just 14 months. It was the younger Carmen who first decided on UMA and older brother Nick followed suit.
“I knew I wanted to have a bachelor’s degree in computers, and I actually surprised Carmen in her stats class while I was taking a tour,” Nick said. “The campus and community felt right and it felt like a good fit.”
Carmen, who graduated from Washburn High School in 2014, decided on UMA immediately upon graduation, identifying the smaller community atmosphere as important to her decision.
“I come from an extremely small town and I found the atmosphere here very comfortable,” she said. “Everyone here is very friendly, and the people here really do want to help you.”
The younger Bragg was also pleased to have the opportunity to continue her basketball career and felt an immediate bond with head coach Jennifer Laney and junior center Jamie Plummer.
“I was really happy that I still had a chance to play basketball,” Carmen said. “I wasn’t ready to give that up.”
Neither was Nick, who played basketball at NMCC. Carmen and Nick are known for their quickness and smarts on the floor, the ability to run the point guard position well, and also play tough defense. Both athletes are also academically driven, with Carmen majoring in biology and Nick in computer information systems.
The Braggs started playing basketball at an early age, practicing long hours with a hoop at home on a small court, prompting each of them to develop intricate ball handling skills that help them lead the Moose teams today.
Despite the similarities, Carmen says she’s a little more assertive than Nick, though defers to her brother in technology skills. He, though, is very complimentary of her talents as an artist.
“I can’t paint or anything,” he says to Carmen. “That’s all you.”
Participating in basketball gives them both a chance to see more of each other, as the men’s and women’s teams at UMA often travel together, and each sits on the sidelines to cheer on the other team.
Both teams have been very competitive in the Yankee Small College Conference this winter.